Another 23 week OB appt.

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Another 23 week OB appt.

Wow there are a lot of appointments today it seems.

I had my 23 week appt. today. Baby's hb was good, measuring right on track, BP was 117/77. I did gain 4 lbs. in the last three weeks which is a bit of a bummer and puts me at 21/22 lbs. so far. I have been eating poorly the last few weeks between Disney and going out so I'm not shocked. Last time I gained a little over 40 so I'm not too worried about it.

The hospital still hasn't voted on the VBAC issue but my doctor still expects the hospital to decide to allow them. If that is the case, then the decision is mine, the doctor will support me either way. I've told him I want to try and go into labor on my own so he says that's fine, but that I'm free to choose a c-section at any time if I change my mind. The one thing we both agree on though is NO INDUCTION. I will either go into labor on my own or I will have a c-section. I will be allowed to go 41 weeks before they will go ahead and do the c-section but I'm hoping my body will do what it's supposed to do and I can have my VBAC.

Found out about my schedule for the rest of the pg. I will be going every two weeks starting at 28 weeks, and then every week for NSTs starting at 32 weeks. I'm nervous for the weekly appts. because I can't bring Brandon, we have no friends/family close by, and he doesn't start school until after labor day. I guess I have some time but I'm a planner, lol.

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Sounds like a great appt! I hope that you will get the opportunity to get your vbac!

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Sounds like a great appointment! I hope everything works out so you can try for a VBAC! Good luck getting childcare worked out for Brandon... I'm a little nervous about that myself. I have a friend who can watch Catie, but I hate to ask her every time. This was easier the first time around ;-).

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Great appt! The hospital wouldn't be making a very educated decision if the vote no for VBAC. Hope you get what you want! Good luck with childcare. Heather is right! Much easier the first time!!