Another failure!

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Another failure!

Just got the call from my midwife - I failed the GD test spectacularly! UGH! because I passed so easily with my previous pregnancy, I wasn't even concerned. I am so upset. I just feel like this pregnancy can't get anything to go right.

So, I am off to research GD dietary guidelines in advance of my 3 hour next Wednesday. I just know I am going to fail that one too, so I might as well start dietary restrictions now. Boo.

Oh, and as I was scheduling my 3 hour, she casually mentioned that I am 'extremely' anemic as well. So I will have to have iron levels monitored for the rest of this pregnancy too. I feel like I am failing at pregnancy! I promise I wasn't this bad with DS! What is wrong with me???

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What a bummer. Are they going to have you take iron supplements? Lots of women fail the 1-hr. but pass the 3-hr. so hopefully you will be one of them.

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:bighug: As you know, I have been there, done that. I was just saying pretty much the same thing to my friend today. Why can't one thing just be easy?! I'm actually not anemic this time around (surprisingly), but I was with DD. They gave me an iron supplement and checked to make sure it did the trick and it was no big deal. I've failed the one hour glucose test in BOTH pregnancies, and I've been GBS+ in both pregnancies. It's definitely frustrating! But you are NOT failing at pregnancy! Your little guy is still happy and healthy in there, and that's what counts! Good luck with the 3 hour, chances are good that you'll pass.

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I agree, you aren't failing at all! Even if you do have GD, the dietary restrictions aren't that bad since there are so many ppl with type 2 diabetes and ppl on the Atkins diet for food companies to cater to.

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I took my 3 hr test this morning. Even the tech who took my blood said she thought the 1st test in the office was crap. Said so many fail it because u don't fast with it and even.if you are careful what you eat the numbers can be messed up. She said most pass the 3 hr. I'm starting to think its another way for them to make extra money.. I hope ur test goes well, take lots to do. I took my computer with me.