Another hospital visit for Kyla :(

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Another hospital visit for Kyla :(

We can't seem to get ahead of this congestion. Last night she was so bad. Gasping, gagging and had pauses in breathing. Our nurse line told us to call an ambulance but I knew it was not that bad so I drove her in (early morning hours so no traffic).

The last two docs we have seen (family doc and the ER doc) both think it is reflux so she has been prescribed Zantac. I am also supposed to give saline spray and use the adoptable regularly.

She is so bad with her latch right now (can't breath through her nose), I have been exclusively pumping from my right side because it is so blistered.

What are the chances I have had two kids with bad reflux? Thankfully, unlike dd1, she doesn't spend the entire day crying, just stops breathing :confused: hopefully she will grow out of it soon.

Thanks for reading and letting me vent!

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Oh gosh. I hope things get better soon for her.

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How scary. I suspect CJ has a tiny bit of reflux as well but it sounds like poor Kyla has it pretty bad. I hope things clear up for her soon.

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How scary! I hope that this passes soon!!

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awww, poor sweetie!

Can you see mucus in her nostrils? Daniel sounds congested, too. I suction his nose and can't get a whole lot other than a few dried bits of boogers here and there. :confused:

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Your story sounds so familiar to me. Carter was congested sounding from the day he came home. He would wake me up gagging and basically not breathing. I'm sorry you are having to deal with that. It's scary. Hope the Zantac works. Remember to let her sit up for about 30 min after eating if you can. Big hugs!

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Sending you hugs! I am praying that the congestion clears up soon. That is so scary! So sorry that you (and Kyla) have to deal with this.

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