Any ideas?

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Any ideas?

Last night Brad was fast asleep and had been for a couple of hours when out of no where, he woke up screaming the mat horrible scream. I was so scared because I have NEVER heard him cry like that. And nothing was comforting him. I tried giving breast, he wouldn't take it. I tried every soothing technique that works for him and nothing was working. Honestly, I had the car keys out, ready to head to the hospital when finally he started to fall back asleep on me. He went back into a deep sleep and then I put him back to bed and he never woke again. I keep checking on him but he seemed fine. Any ideas as to what happened. I'm wondering if it was a nightmare but do they have nightmares at this age (that might be a stupid question!).

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I'm not sure but my kid has done that from time to time too. My guess was nightmare/night terror.

If he kept fussing, maybe an ear infection?

How has he been today?

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sounds like a night terror to me.. but I don't know what age they can start. Sad

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I'm thinking it was night terrors. He is fine today. It's so scary to hear a cry like that. DD1 never cried like that.