Any Predicition...

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Any Predicition...

Not sure if anyone has thrown this question out yet but I thought it would be fun...Because I know that I am going to go early, people keep asking if I have a date in mind for when the babies will show. For some reason Sept 14 keeps sticking out in my mind. So I'm wondering if anyone else has any predicitions on their own pregnancy...will you go early/late and if you have a specific date in mind.

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I'm guessing I'll go late, probably in early October.

Another question to add for those who don't know the gender: what do you think the baby is? I'm guessing, based on vibes, other ppl, and the 4d pic (that most of all) that it is a boy.

Also, do you think baby will be small, average, or big? I'm guessing mine will be small. I was small, dh was small, dd was small. Though this one may be quite long.

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Well, there is a period of about 3 days I do NOT want baby to come, so it'll probably be one of those days Wink August 30 (open house at my dds' school), August 31 (I'd still be in the hospital for the frist day of school), or September 1 (first day of school).
I keep thinking August 28, but September 2 would be kind of neat too.
I'm fairly certain it will be the last week of August/first week of September...just based on when I had my other kids and how things are going so far.
As far as size...probably small-average. He's measuring pretty much right on target right now. I'm hoping for about 6lbs...I haven't had a 6lber yet Wink I could have sworn DS was 6lbs but he was 5lbs 13oz, so a few oz shy. Probably 18-19inches.
I am really hoping for a blue eyed baby this time. DH has blue and I have brown and so far all of our kids have brown-hazel. DD1 and DS1 both had blue eyes for quite some time, DD1's I swore would stay blue, but they all changed. Hair is weird too because dh had such light hair as a child it was white and I was definitely light blonde as a kid but all of our kids have almost the same dirty blonde hair, though each one has been a little lighter Lol Based on the ultrasound I think he'll have more of a round face like DH and DD1...DD2 and DS are more narrow in the face like me. It's so fun wondering Smile I can't wait to see him that's for sure

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Based on all my pregnancies, except for Hailey, I'd say I'm gonna be right on time, give or take a couple days. The 22nd or 23rd would be HORRIBLE, because the 23rd would be my 2nd borns birthday and I don't want to either be in the hospital or labor on that day. Wouldn't be fair to him even though I've already tried having many talks with him saying that I can't pick and choose when the baby comes, and he says he understands, but I think it would tear me apart kwim. Im still a bit convinced that the 21st isn't my due date, though I'm measuring right on...almost 2 weeks ahead, but I was like that with Hailey all the way, at one point I was measuring 4 weeks ahead, so it's hard to say, just the one u/s I had said the 28th was my due date. Only time will tell and obviously babies come when they/our bodies are ready to!

As for size, I think she'll be around 8-9lbs if I go to term. If I happen to go a few weeks early, she could be on the heavy side of 7lbs, or in the 8ish range. Hailey was born 3 weeks early and was 7lbs, 11ozs. Had she made it to her due date she would have been at least 9lbs. My other 3 prior to her were all just over 9lbs. Big babies are what we're destined to have lol. All were around the 20inch mark, so I'm sure baby girl will be, too.

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I only have one to base my guesses on, but I'll say I'm going to go about a week early- late August. (Though a sapphire is much prettier than a peridot IMO.. I am an August baby myself!)

My sister says August 25 and boy. I'm thinking a little later- the 29th?

Guessing the kid will be about 8 lbs.

A lot of people have guessed I'm having a boy, based mostly on the way I'm carrying, I think.

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I thought I would go later originally but now that I keep having contractions I think ill go early. Sometime by the middle of August.I think he'lll be about 6 lbs. I hat a dream he had hazel eyes and straight dark hair. I find that interesting since he is a mix baby but you never know. I hope he has curly hair thou and dimples like his dad, just cause dimples are cute.

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Chris and I met ten years ago on September 21 so I'm gonna say 9/21. I will be almost 39 weeks at that time so it's definitely possible.

Brandon was a good sized baby. He was six weeks early and was 5lbs. 14 oz. He always measured way ahead on the ultrasounds. I'm guessing this one will be 7 pounds or so, depending on how early/late he comes.

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I have always gone in my 39th week. My last two babies were 39wks 3 days exactly - so if this baby holds that pattern I'll have this little on around August 31st lol I keep saying one of these pregnancies I'll actually make it to my due date! But we shall see Smile

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I was 10 days late with DD so I assume I'll go after 40w. I won't induce except for medical reasons. DD was also less than 7 lbs so I'm guessing this baby will be little too.

I would like to have her on my due date because that is my Grandma's birthday and she is struggling with her health this year.

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Well since this is my pregnancy is twins I really dont know. I have had csections w/ the /last 2 for medical reasons ~38-39 wks and they were ~9lbs each. I know that they will not let me go past 38 wks which is 9/12. However, term for twins is 35-36 wks and so so far I am doing great but I realize that can change on a dime. I'm thinking if they stay put until 37-38 wks I will have 7lb babies :eek:

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I picked August 26 in my head for my c/s. I'll be 39 wks. I kind of hope I go into labor before then though. I had Coby at 38 wks but only because of my previa. I was on bedrest for a bit due to my BP so hopefully that doesn't play a roll in the delivery date. Coby was 7.12 so I'm sure Carter will be around 8 lbs if I deliver at term.

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DD was born at 39wks 5 days, and was 7lb 3oz - long and skinny. If I am able to have a natural birth, I suspect I'll go quite close to my due date, Sept 23. As for the day, I really don't care because I don't work a typical M-F job. Since I'm having another girl, and my pregnancy is going about the same in terms of my weight gain, I suspect she'll be on the little side of 7lbs again.

If my previa doesn't correct itself and I have to have a c/s, they'll probably schedule me in the first week of September. Sad

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I was late with DD by 4 days, if we follow the same pattern (I do expect to be late), I am guessing Sept 9.

We are team green but I think girl

DD was 7lbs 4 ounces, my guess is this one will be around 8 pounds