Anybody else with sciatica yet?

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Anybody else with sciatica yet?

I started taking fast yoga classes (Warrior Fusion for anybody who goes to Lifetime) and omg, my right hip/back/leg has been KILLING me. It was hurting a little bit before I started, but it's gotten worse.

I had a hard time at the grocery store today because it was hurting (couldnt twist to put groceries from the cart to the checkout at. all.)

Im going to set up to see a Webster-trained chiro hopefully this week... is anybody else dealing with this yet?


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Yes, and I didn't have it with dd. I feel pain down to my knee, sometimes in my calf too, sometimes both sides.

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I started having sciatica problems about a year ago and once you have it, unfortunately it keeps coming back. I started having sciatica issues again about a month ago. Sleeping on my side is making it even worse, but it's not like I'm gonna sleep on my back. It's brutal. Mine starts in my lower back and goes all the way to my toes...awful.

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OMG YES!!! I am having issues on both sides. It goes all the way to my toes. I hate it!

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Mine doesn't go all the way down, yet, but I have started having problems from the hips down my butt. Of course laying down only makes it worse! Its fine while i'm down, but once I need to get up.... ouch!

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Yes!! I have had trouble with it off and on since my first pregnancy. I have a great stretch that seems to relieve some of the pain. Lets see if I can explain it Smile It works best if you can lay flat on your back, I have done it sitting in a chair too. Cross the leg that is hurting over the other...resting your ankle on your oposite knee. Then pull both legs towards you so that you feel a don't want to be in a lot of pain, just enough so you can feel a good stretch. I you can not lay on your back I think it also works pretty well if you are sitting in a chair with legs crossed ankle on knee and lean forward. You should feel a stretch in the back of the sore leg into your butt. It helps me a ton...I do it a few times every day even when I'm not hurting. It got so bad with my first that some days I was not sure if I tried to walk I would be able to put weight through that leg and remain standing!

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Yes it's awful!! I had it in the last part of my pregnancy with Colin and it was horrible. It started up this time around 16 weeks and has just gotten worse and worse. Mine goes from my butt down to my calf and makes my knee on that side (my left) feel really weak. I'm also having some pelvis issues where I feel like it is splitting or shifting apart, hard to explain but it is really not helping the sciatica. I try to limit my walking since that aggravates it really bad but I seriously go grocery shopping and come home and have to lay on the couch the rest of the day!

I am really not looking forward to the third trimester...I don't know how I will be able to move!

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I had it with my last pregnancy and it started immediately with this one.

I saw a chiro a month ago and it helped immensely but I haven't been able to make any appointment since then for a follow up.... but I definitely will be.

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I'm not sure what to call in but I do have this pain in my butt kind of feels like its in my hip too mostly when I walk and put pressure on it when walking. I'm not sure if this is that but it sounds like it.

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I've had it a little bit, but thankfully not too bad. It will flare up out of no where (usually as I stand up from a sitting position or something similar) and it will hurt like crazy for 5-10 minutes then die back down. I hope the chiropractor works out for you- my doula said her chiro cured the sciatica she'd been dealing with for 18 years!

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Oh yes mine started about 2 weeks ago. I saw my chiropractor this past week. I have problems before the pg....I had just started injections on my back when I got pg so I knew I would have issues. Going to the chiropractor helped immensely already so I am keeping it up. They also have a massage lady at the clinic and my OB said he wants me to do that as well, anything to keep me off pain meds.

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No (I do prenatal yoga and I swear that is the reason I don't have it). I do however have pubic pain already. With DD, I ended up wearing a support band for it by the 8th month.

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I have it. I've had it on and off for years. The two biggest successes in relief are ice pack on very lower back (almost tail bone) and chiropractic care.

My latest is shin splints on my right shin. I don't feel it on my left side (which is usually the side that's affected with MY sciatica), and usually when I have it on the left side it goes down the back of my leg. This shin splint is very strange as it doesn't hurt in my back, just my shin.

I think having an anterior placenta is aggravating the sciatica (it IS a nerve issue, afterall) because the baby is practically right up against my spine instead of having a placenta to cushion it better.

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Yes. It being shot in the butt cheek. There have only been a couple of days that the pain was really bad, though.

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