Anyone with a c-section...

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Anyone with a c-section...

ever experience a sharp pain on the left side of the your incision just above you hib bone. It comes and goes but is really painful and last for approx. 1 minute. It comes at different times, including when I'm sleeping so I know that it has nothing to do with "over-doing it".

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It could be scar tissue or adhesions.

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It could be scar tissue or when the suture knot is. Depending on what type of suture they used to close some of that stuff is thick like fishing line.

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I get the odd stabbing pain and did with my other csection too. However, I found I got the same "stitches" pain feeling even after vaginal births so I think it's everything just going back to normal (nerves/ligaments/etc.) Everything down there goes back to how it was in just 6 weeks time so there's a lot of movement going on!