Anyone else still losing their hair?

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Anyone else still losing their hair?

DD will be 11 months on 2 AUG and I am still losing my hair, it didn't last this long with DS. Should I worry?

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I have no idea, sorry. I still lose a small amount if hair but only a normal amount. Hope it stops for you soon.

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I'm still losing small, non-worrisome amounts. But sex still is painful for me. Sad

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My hair loss went back to normal around 8-9 months.

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My hair loss has gone back to a normal amount. I was so worried for a while that I wasn't going to have any hair left! I had to cut off my mid-back length hair because I lost like half the thickness of my hair! Now I have a ton of short hairs though, especially by my ears that won't go into my ponytail!