Anyone try..?

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Anyone try..?

Intelligender? I did. A few weeks ago. It said I was having a Girl. I can't imagine it being something you can rely on, lol. Just did it for S&G's. I can't wait to go for my U/S to see if it, along with everything else pointing to or telling me it's a girl is right! Smile

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I did it, and it was VERY much girl. I also am not putting much stock in it, I know someone else who got a girl result as obvious as mine and ended up with a boy. Only 2 more weeks till I find out if its true or not!

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I did and it said boy. Pretty sure this baby is a boy from the u/s I have done. Big u/s at the dr is on the 25th.

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I did it and it said boy. It was completely correct.