Anyone who had an IV during birth...

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Anyone who had an IV during birth...

Do you have pain where the IV was inserted?There is a constant pain where the IV was and the pain is now moving to my fingers and wrist. And the whole hand hurts if I use it (holding babies, driving etc). Anyone experiencing this?

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My hand was sore for about a day after the IV came out, but nothing like what you're describing. I would give the doctor a call, just to check it out.

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I agree I would call your dr. Hope it gets better.

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Mine was sore for a few days, but if you are still having issues I would call my doc.

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Maybe they hit a nerve when they inserted it? Where was the IV? Definitely worth a call to the doc.

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Yes, that does sound like a nerve issue. My husband had carpal tunnel and it sounds like what you are describing!

I hope you get some answers and it clears up soon.

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Definitely call the doctor! You shouldn't have any pain or discomfort at all after a week. It is possibly to have pain for a few days if they tore or blew it, but that should be gone within a week.

It sounds like they could have hit a nerve or caused a knot of scar tissue that is pressing against a nerve.

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Thanks ladies, I'm going to mention it to my doctor when the twins have their check up next week

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My IV actually infiltrated and my hand swelled up pretty bad. It's been two months so my hand is pretty much back to normal but it was really bad there for a while. I could feel the vein the IV was in all the way almost up to the crook of my elbow, it was really painful. With time it went away.

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Mine was sore for a few days after I got out of the hospital but it's fine now. Let us know what the doctor says.

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