Appointment today

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Appointment today

I got to meet one of the other Midwives at the practice today! She was so super nice and just sat and talked to DH and I for a nice long while about everything from this baby to what we had planned for today to my 3 year olds amber necklace. It was so awesome that she spent so much time with us. The other midwife I have met with was equally nice and it just reinforces my decision to go with a midwife for this birth. I have never felt so comfortable in a doctors office!!

Anyway, I gained 9 lbs in the past 4 weeks which made me worried but she said it was great because I'm now back to my pre-pregnancy weight after losing so much in the first tri.
My little guy was moving around SO much, they couldn't really get an accurate reading on the doppler. We could hear his heartbeat for about 5 seconds and then he would roll away and kick the crap out of me. We settled on 140 for the HR though lol.

I'm measuring 25+weeks! GAH! No wonder I feel so giant!! She measured me several times to be sure. She said not to worry, it's just because this is my third baby and my uterus just likes to stretch lol!

I'll have my next appt in 4 weeks and then I start appts every 2 weeks!! My 28 week appt I get to do the GTT test, She told me no fasting, not required anymore. That appt I will also have my RhoGam shot Sad Booooo shots.

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Sounds like an awesome midwife! How cool that you have two that you like, so no matter which one is "on call", you'll have someone you trust.

How can it be almost time for more frequent appointments already?? Yeesh this is flying by!

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Yay for a good appt. There are three doctors at my practice, including the doctor who delivered Brandon. I have seens two of them but not the last so I'm hoping I can get in there to see the last one so it won't be a total surprise on delivery day. Once I hit 28 weeks, because I'm high risk, I will start going every two weeks, and then around 32 weeks, I'll start going every week for NSTs and BPPs. I don't know what I'm going to do for childcare at that point since I can't take Brandon with me. I guess we'll see.

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I'm so glad I switched to midwives too. They really make all the difference. I can't believe you are already so close to going every two weeks! Crazy!

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I have posted on this thread twice and it hasn't posted either one! Ugh!

Glad you had a good appt and the other midwife was as great as the first. That's always great when they can sit and just visit.
It seems like there is no way we can be getting close to more frequent visits! It's going by so fast!

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Sounds like a great appointment! TFS