Appointments this week (4/4)

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Appointments this week (4/4)

Janelle, Heather, Erin, Mari
I see you ladies have appointments this week. Sending warm thoughts your way! Make sure to come update us afterward!

Anyone else have an appointment this week?

(*cough cough* add yourself to the calendar *cough*) Smile

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Lol I have never even looked at our calendar, probably should!
I have an appointment on Tuesday, should be pretty boring. I do get to schedule my anatomy scan though. My rescheduled elective ultrasound is Sunday (10th)
Good luck to everyone with appointments/ultrasounds!!!

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I go in tomorrow for my monthly appt. Nothing special except we will get to hear the HB for the first time!

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I have an appointment on Thursday, not sure how to add it to the calendar?

regular monthly appt.

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Added my appt for Tuesday and my anatomy scan for may 10th

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Wow! Lots of appointments this week. I double booked myself (well, my vehicle, really) so my dad is going to take me to my appointment and will be watching Daniel for me while I'm in the back with my dr. I get to tell her we are team green now! Biggrin I'm excited.

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Tahnks for thinking of us! Good luck on everyone else's appt's!

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Thanks.. I am excited to hear/ see our little bit again. Smile