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Appt today

Had my 29 wk appt today. Since I have been contracting still he checked me and I'm still closed. I do have a yeast infection though which is what I told him. He gave me a Rx for that. Hb was good. Bp was good. Had 2+ sugar in my urine. I passed my GD test. My fundal height was 37-38. We looked back at my old records and everything is right on track with my last pregnancy. Even my weight was within 2 lbs of this time last time. Speaking of weight. I have surpassed the 200 mark already. Was 201 today. But he dissent say anything about my weight gain. I asked about a date for my c/s. We are talking about August 25 if I am still pregnant by then. So, its good to have a date that I can tell work. I start every 2 wk appt now. Go back July 6th. So it was a good appt!!!!

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Sounds like a great appt! Already movin on up to the 2 wk appts! EEK!

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Glad you had a pretty good appt. I am also at the every 2 week appt Smile

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Glad everything went well. I imagine since ur tracking the same as ur 1st pregnancy he figures that's normal for you so there is no concern. Wow I can't believe 2 week already, my office doesn't start 2 weeks till after the 32 week.

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Sounds like a great appt. I should be starting the 2-week appointments very soon too.

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Wowie! Sounds like a GREAT appointment. It sucks that you're still contracting, but as long as they aren't "working" contractions, and you can tolerate them, then no harm, eh? Glad you are keeping up with your previous experiences and there's nothing new with this pregnancy.

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Yay for a good appointment! Glad that the contractions aren't cause for concern!

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Yay for a great appt! Tell those contractions to stop pestering you!

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Good appointments are always great! Glad everything is looking good for you, crazy that we are already at/close to the 2 weeks appointments already!

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Yahoo for a good appt!!!!! and holy has the time flown 2 wk appts already :eek: cant believe its going sooo fast.

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Sounds like a great appt. how nice to have a date!!!!!!

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yay for a good appt! Smile

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I love hearing about good appointments! Sucks about the yeast infection!

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