appt. tomorrow/ choir concerts

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appt. tomorrow/ choir concerts

So I will be happy when tomorrow is over. I have been so stressed the last few weeks. My concerts in December didn't go well at all. The one got cancelled an hour before cause my piano player got really sick and then we had a snow day that cancelled it the rescheduled date. The other one was horrible...I only had 1 full rehearsal with them because of the weather and then I completely lost my voice so I couldn't even talk. None the less these 2 concerts had to redeem me. Tonights was 6 and 8th grade and tomorrow is 7 and 8th grade show.choir. I have been on my feet almost all day and my ankles and feet are just throbbing. Tonights concert went well so I am pleased, one more to go then I can relax and enjoy the rest of the school year. I have my 24 week appointment tomorrow right after school so I'm excited to see what the doc has to say. I'm taking Thursday off to sit relax and sleep all Were gonna finish the baby room hopefully this weekend as well so I'm excited about that it will be another worry of I can.just enjoy the summer. Hope everyone is well!

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I hope the rest of your concerts go well. Make sure you get some rest this weekend and give your body a break.

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I hope everything goes well tonight and that you have a good appt today. Get some rest tomorrow!

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It will be nice to relax this weekend! Hope the remaining concerts go as well as the first did.

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Let us know how your concerts go!