Appt update..long/vent XP

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Appt update..long/vent XP

Sorry I didnt post yesterday, but honestly I was very disappointed and didnt want to talk about it.
So my OB and i discussed last week about setting up the section for 8/31. I will be 36wk 2 full term! Well he comes in the room we discuss the scheduling etc and he sd let me see who else is on call that day, OK. So 5 mins pass and I'm waiting and he comes back in and says that in order to 'schedule' the section for that day I will need an amnio prior to the surgery. :eek: WHAT :eek: He never mentioned this to me in the past and I got upset. I have already started to count down the days to 8/31 and now he says this!!!! I told him that I dont like needles and that I'm not sure that I can do it! Now I am the one that wants 8/31 (just b/c of the school cutoff date) but if I dont want an amnio the soonest he will deliver me is 9/6... b/c 9/5 is a holiday..blah blah blah... I will be 37 wks and 1 day. I really just want to cry!!!! I am so swollen, my feet, legs , crotch HURT! I can hardly walk because of the pelvic discomfort and I cant bend over, plus, my csection scar is swolllen and hurts too... not to mention I have a cold and dont feel good.
So I have an appt next Tues to see him again and I have to make up my mind on what I want to do. Right now I am really praying that I will just go into labor on my own in the next couple weeks and this wont be an issue, but my cervix is still closed so IDK. I have told DH that he is going to have to perform and I mean ALOT over the next 2 wks, because I am ready!!!! I guess I will be looking at ways to get these girls here sooner then later.

Oh and I forgot to mention that I missed my US because I had my appt time confused, so I have to go back today. Sorry for the whining, but this was not what I expected and everyday is getting harder for me!

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:bigarmhug: I doubt the amnio could be all that bad, look away and tell yourself it'll all be over soon and you can meet your babies!

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Wow how frustrating! Sorry you had a rough day yesterday and got some news you weren't prepared for. I understand that you hate needles, however, I agree with Mandi, just look away, close your eyes, and imagine anything other than what's going on, just so you can have your date of 8/31.

Good luck in deciding :openarms:

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I can totally understand your frustration. I'm pretty sure they do the amnio to make sure they're ready to be born. If it's really important to you that they be born at 36 weeks then I suggest trying what the other girls suggested. If you don't think you can handle the amnio, 37w1d is less than a week away from the date you want, but I know you're so uncomfortable it seems like a lifetime away. :bigarmhug:

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Yes, he wants to do the amnio to make sure the lungs are mature. I completely understand that, I want healthy take home twinkies! I was just shocked that he even mentioned it after our convo last week. He says full term for twins is 35-36 wks so I really didnt see an issue with this as I will be 36 wk 2 days. I guess I am just really emotional over this. I was counting down and now its like starting over! lol Yes, it is a matter of days, but these are LONG days! I am going to think long and hard and make an educated decision.

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I don't have anything to add... so I'll just give you a hug. :bigarmhug:

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Oh lovely....{{{HUGE hugs}}}

I am so sorry! I hope you feel better soon and can figure something out. I love your idea about moving things forward by your own means! Wink

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I'm sorry you had a rough day. I know an amnio is scary. But, I think you are a strong woman and can handle it. It doesn't take long at all and would be over before you know it. Big hugs!

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Im sorry girl!!!! Like Nell, i have nothing to add that the others didnt, so i'll just send you lots of :bighug: your way!

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That sucks! I have never heard of that before!

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Sending you hugs
Sorry you had a rough day.

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I think a lot of OB's are trying to let babies bake longer than they used to due to the number of infants being born with respiratory distress and other problems. Full term is 37 weeks, twins especially you want to get to 37 weeks at least as they are often smaller and have even more issues. I was induced at 37weeks1day with twins and they were both over 7lbs but even then they struggled a little with keeping their body temps warm and feeding (they had to stay in the hospital for a week). Babies develop SO MUCH more from 37-39 weeks, especially in terms of brain development.

Trust me I know how much pain you are in, I've been there! It's horrible and you want to die, especially with twins. My pelvis has separated with this pregnancy and I can barely move, I am in excruciating pain. I keep telling my husband though that with twins I was in horrible pain too and I didn't have SPD. With twins I could barely breathe, was so swollen I couldn't hear well anymore, you name it. I think it's great that your OB is wanting to wait as long as possible. In Canada they won't induce you until 39 weeks now and ONLY if you have a medical reason for it. Babies are just being born too sickly.

I would be scared of an amnio as well but if you tell them how nervous you are about it they can put EMLA on your skin before the numbing needle. They can numb the skin before the big needle if you request it. It's really not a very bad procedure and I know a lot of women that had it. It will tell you right away whether your babies lungs are mature or not. It's definately worth the piece of mind I think as then they can give you steroid shots so your babies don't spend time on a ventilator.

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Just a thought here, but since you have twins, wouldn't you need to be stuck with the needle twice, once to test the fluids from each twin?

If you hate needles that much, just hang in there.

As for the school cut-off, we missed the school cutoff and were annoyed at it for years. Until he started Kindergarten and we LOVE that he's the oldest. He is much more mature and I'm sure learned much more than if he had gone to school the year before. We love it so much we'd do at fall birthday again if we had a choice.

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I'm so sorry this is stressing you out! He shouldn't be telling anyone that 35-36 weeks is term for twins, its not. Completion of 37 weeks is term, regardless of how many babies are in there, be it 1 or 4. What he should say is "most women don't go past 35-36 with twins" but there is nothing about being one of two babies inside that makes you mature faster. Usually you go into labour by 35-36 weeks cause you just plain run out of room and the weight and pressure either break the water or cause you to dilate.

We admit many many 35-36 week twins to the NICU for low blood sugars, breathing issues due to immature lungs, inability to maintain body temp, or to have the strength to orally eat. If you can hang in there you should as long as possible. I know its hard, i can't imagine how uncomfortable you are, but you want to have those babies and take them home with you! The more time the get the better chance you have of that.

Good luck with whatever decision you come to regarding the amnio. Hopefully the babies will decide for you when they are coming!

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i had a amino... its not that bad... but i must be the odd one.. i was upset that my girls were born at 35 weeks... and i didnt make it to my goal of 37-28 weeks... if i were you id hang in as long as possible.. yeah it may be miserable.. but it was even more miserable with twins in the nicu and having to leave them there..

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I hope you are able to come to a decision that you feel comfortable with! I'm sorry for all the stress!