Appt update and nursery pics

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Appt update and nursery pics

This was by far the best appt yet! Kendra is doing well, HB 145. my BP was 100/60, the nurse asked if i was tired LOL my response, yep i sure am, why. apparent being tired effects BP. Kendra was wiggling around while listening for the HB. i told her that i have been having BH's like crazy and i lost my mucus plus just last night. So before i was i was examined, the dr said it is unlikely at 37 weeks to be dialated or effaced. well, i proved her wrong. i am 60% effaced and a little more than 1 cm dialated!! Yahoo she said the baby is low enough that she felt the head, but obviously alot more dropping is needed! she was pleasantly surprised and she looked at me so excited!! it was kinda cute HAHA she reminded me that i can go any day but i can only have another few weeks left and reminded on what to do if my water breaks or i start having regular contractions. the last thing i said to her was "well, see ya in a week", her response, "maybe" with a wink. The exam didnt hurt, but her shoving up against my pelvic bone definately didnt feel good. im a tad crampy now and my back is aching a little now. i just wanna go home and SLEEP!

With that said, the nursery is FINALLY done! Here are some pics:

Brianna put the monkey in the bouncer. I bought this monkey the day after i found out i was pregnant

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How exciting! The nursery looks great!

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Yay for a good appointment! The nursery looks great- it turned out really cute!!!

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Glad you had a good appointment!! Kendra's nursery is beautiful!

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the nursery looks great!!!!! Biggrin

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Sounds like a great appt & the nursery looks great

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You're so close, baby will be here soon. And the nursery looks great.

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Glad your appt. went well. The nursery looks great!!!

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Love the nursery! Looks like a great space for baby Kendra.

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Thanks ladies. i was trying to make a feminine nursery without it being all pink and TOO girlish. i wasnt fond of the yellow paint at first, but once i added the pops of color to the walls i changed my mind. still not exactly what i was looking for, but i like it. its relaxing and peaceful and that is what matters.