Ashton is Here!(birthstory included) LONG!

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Ashton is Here!(birthstory included) LONG!

I had my little guy on Monday morning! It was my fastest and easiest labor yet and my shortest hospital stay. I'm sore but honestly feel amazing!

So for the past couple weeks I have been having major prodromal labor, usually at night or in the late afternoons and it would last anywhere from 3 to 5 hours before stopping. Sunday Sept 18th I started having semi-painful contractions around 6pm.

I had been in an awful mood that day because I was just SO done being pregnant. Saul at one point in the day had sprayed me with the sink sprayer as I walked through the kitchen as a joke and I burst out crying because I had to change my shirt. I was really just at the end of my rope. So when my grandma invited us over for dinner I was not thrilled to go hang out with the family and have everyone comment about my lack of labor/baby ect. We went anyway because it was one of my fave meals, homemade sauerkraut with pork ribs and potatoes. When we got there at 6pm I started my usual evening prodromal labor. I had semi-painful contractions every 5-8 min the entire time we were there. My mom and little sister timed them for a while and they were getting excited. Everyone commented on how different/low my belly was looking before we left to go home. My contractions pretty much stopped within an hour of us getting back home but my back began to ache pretty badly.

We put the boys to bed because Aiden had school in the morning and I wandered around the house while Saul played his computer games. Around 11:30pm I decided I really wanted to go to bed and I tried to lay down but my back hurt so bad that I couldn't fall asleep. I got up at around midnight and ran a bath to relieve the pain. After 20-30 min in the bath I finally felt like I could fall asleep so I drained the tub and stood up to get out. I put one foot down on the bath mat and POP! my water broke with a HUGE gush. I was seriously in shock for a few seconds and then I grabbed a towel and stuck it between my legs so I could go get Saul.

He was still playing computer games with his headphones on so he couldn't hear me calling his name until I was standing right behind him. He turned around and I said "Hi!" and he goes "Hi?" and I laughed and said "My water just broke." and a look of panic spread over his face. We called my Grandma to come stay with the boys and I grabbed my bag and a few extra things. I put on some pajama bottoms and a t-shirt and the towel and went and sat in the car. As soon as my grandma got here we left for the hospital. It was 1:00am

I had no contractions on the way to the hospital but Saul still drove like an old man, 25 miles an hour the whole way, taking corners at a snails pace. We pulled into the E.R parking lot and I got out and waled up to the door. By then I was leaking so much I left a trail to the door and into the hospital. They had me sit in a wheelchair and took me to Maternity Triage.

The triage nurse gave me an annoyed look at first because I obviously didn't look like I was in labor. I was actually laughing when we first got into triage because at that point I was SOAKED and there was a giant puddle under me in the wheelchair. I told her my water had broken and stood up and she laughed too when she saw the puddle and said to just go put on a gown so she could take me to the L&D floor, I didn't have to stay in triage.

As we rounded the corner to my labor and delivery room I had a contraction that was semi-painful. I got to the bed and they hooked me up to the monitors and I had another one. They put in my Hep-lock and started all the usual questions and my contractions were quickly picking up. I was still planning on a natural birth at that point and had hopes of laboring in the tub for a while. My nurse came back with a jug of ice water for me to drink and I asked to be checked so I knew where we were starting from. She checked me and I was already at 5 cm and VERY stretchy. She went to get my midwife right away because they knew I was going to have a quick labor. In the next few min. my sister arrived to hang out with us and my contractions at that point just took off. They were right on top of each other and lasting for a min or more. They went from going to 25 on the monitor to some reaching 60 and I could not catch my breath in between. I started to seriously panic and completely lost control. My nurse came back in and I asked for an epidural right away.

It was a slow night on the L&D floor so my epidural was placed within 10 min of me asking for it. It was quick, painless and perfectly placed. They checked me right after the epidural took effect and I was now at 7cm. My midwife went to take a nap while I went through my last bit of labor and my nurse left us alone to hang out (this hospital is pretty hands off about things, which I LOVED) They came in to help me change positions at 5:30am and I mentioned that I was feeling pressure with some of my contractions so the nurse checked me and I was complete with his head at +2. She called my midwife and we decided that I would labor for another 30 min so he could come all the way down on his own and help me stretch out a little more since my labor and been SO short.

At 6am my midwife came in, put on her gloves and told me to practice push. His head was halfway out with my first push and he was born with the second push at 6:09AM. He was right on my chest right away and just barely cried when they started rubbing him down. I held him for about 10 min and then let them take him to be cleaned off while My midwife stitched me up. Because he came so fast I had a few small tears that needed stitches. I tore both ways unfortunately, the tear up is pretty painful but it's small and should heal well. The tear down is on my previous episiotomy scar and it doesn't hurt as bad.

Ashton's apgars were 8 and 9. He weighed 8lbs 11ozs and was 21 1/4 inches long. He is my biggest baby! Saul got to cut the cord and was so happy that he was home for the birth. He had gotten home Friday and he will be leaving this weekend so there was a very small window for him to be here to meet Ashton Smile

Ashton is nursing well but my milk has been slow coming in. His Billiruben levels are pretty high so we have done a little supplementation with formula just to avoid having him admitted for light therapy. We were discharged today around 2 pm and I am SO happy to be home now with all my boys.


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What a great birth story! Couldn't have asked for much of a smoother labor/birth. Smile

Congrats, Sarah, and welcome to the world, Ashton!

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Congrats, he's adorable!!!

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Congrats, Ashton is precious!

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Great story and beautiful little boy! Congrats

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WTTW Ashton!

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Congratulations!! I hope my delivery goes that well Smile What a cute little chubber!

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Congratulations!!!! YAY for a quick and awesome labor. And for Saul being home. Biggrin

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oh my goodness so cute! thanks for the all the pictures!

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Congratulations! Ashton is a cutie!

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Congratulations! He's a handsome fella. So happy his daddy was able to be home for the birth! Smile

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aww he is so cute love the pics Smile

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congrats ant wttw ashton! SAME size my Addisyn! i love the pics, especially the crunched up faces Smile

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What a wonderful birth story! I admit I did cringe a little at the thought of tearing "up"... I've never heard of that happening before. WTTW baby Ashton!