Audrey's 4 month appointment

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Audrey's 4 month appointment

Went for Audrey's 4 month appointment yesterday. She is a whopping 12 lbs 15 oz, and 24 inches long. She got her shots, and didn't even bat an eye! Other than getting over a cold, she's doing well.

We went to the Prosthetics Clinic a couple of weeks ago for a developmental follow up. They are so thrilled with her! She is developmentally ahead of where she should be for her age, and they were amazed at how well she uses her little arm. She is constantly sucking on it, and if she can't get it to her mouth because her rolled up sleeve is in the way, she uses her other hand to grab the sleeve and pull the little arm in! She uses it to hug toys to her mouth, and puts a nice amount of weight on it to lift her head when on her tummy. She is milimeters away from rolling over, can her her bottom half all the way over, but gets suck on the top in a weird twisty yoga pose.

We go back on Feb 27th to meet with the orthopedic surgeon from the Hospital for Sick Children. He will assess her, and then sign off on the paperwork that gets the cost of her prosthetics covered (75%) by the provincial assistive devices program. We will likely cast for her first prosthesis the first week in March. I am very excited!

Here is a picture that my friend snapped on her phone while we were goofing around the other day...

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Glad to hear all is well. I lit up with a big smile imagining her sucking on her arm! Smile That's wonderful that they can get that much coverage for her prosthetic. Yahoo

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Yay for a great appt and that she is using her arm well. Love the pic.

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Glad she is doing so well! The picture is precious- great expressions all around!

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That is awesome that she is doing so well! What a great picture!

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Sounds like she is doing really, really well! Yay for her first prosthetic soon! That's great! Smile

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Love the picture she is so precious