Babies first gift

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Babies first gift

a friend of mine who is also a member of the organization i work for came into town to do lunch and brought me a baby quilt that she made for the baby! i was touched and the blanket is beautiful!





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How sweet!!! It's a beautiful quilt Smile

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Laura that is beautiful and so sweet!

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What a thoughtful gift!

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How cute! i haven't made a quit since high school but i'm seriously considering trying to do one again.

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That is SOOOO cute!

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What a beautiful blanket. The gifts from the heart are so nice.

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I love this quilt, it is beautiful! BUT it means more to me knowing that she cared enough about us to spend the money on fabric, take the time to make the quilt and pay someone to do the fancy stitching to make sure it was perfect. and the best part is I was planning on making a quilt for the baby very similiar to this. now i dont have to Smile

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I love homemade quilts! They are always so sentimental! I have most of mine still from when I was a baby!

The first baby gift is always special as well!

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What a sweet gift!

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How nice, it is a lovely quilt!!!