Baby crunches?

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Baby crunches?

When on her back, DD will often lift her head for a few seconds at a time, as if she's doing crunches. Anyone else noticing this? Wonder if it is practice for some skill/development she's working on (like sitting up or something).

I don't remember DD1 ever doing this!

Just when I think I know everything about all things parenting ;), one of the kids throws me off! :biglaugh:

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Carter is doing it too. I think this is a way for them to try to sit up. They are working on growing up on us!

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Kaylee has been doing this for a while. She's trying to sit up. DD1 did it as well. They'll have abs of steel by the time they can actually sit up?

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Isaiah does this, he can already sit up though , maybe just practice? Lol

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Ronan does it too- has been for awhile, and I remember DD doing it as well. We always laugh about it- baby workout!

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CJ just started sitting up for a few seconds on his own and he started trying just that way, picking his head up like that.