baby has to be walked around

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baby has to be walked around

The new phase my baby is in now is he has to be held and walked around. He doesn't want to play, nap, sit in the swing, nothing. You cannot sit down and hold him either. He cries until you stand up. Any advice other than baby wearing, because even with that I have to sit down sometimes.

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I have the same problem with Kesler i wear him around the house. but sometimes I have to put him down and he just screams! Its driving me crazy!!!

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My LO likes to be walked around too. He will never go to sleep if I put him down and doesn't last long when he is put down awake. I do find puting him in the swing helps and buys me some time since it is constantly rocking back and forth.m They also sell a bouncer that automatically bounces on its own that might help. Bright Stars makes it.

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CJ gets super colicky starting 8 or 9 at night and he gets the same way. If you try to sit down he screams but the second you stand up and start walking he calms down a lot.

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Well I'm glad to hear others are dealing with this hah no offense. I don't know if it could be due to gas or if he is just high maintenance. We used to have the hour or two screaming fits everynight but those have gone. Now we are at the nonstop fussing at night for hours. I almost think I prefer the screaming. It takes ssuch a toll to have to walk around the house nonstop. Andrew is a big boy too so my back is really feeling it! I hope its a phase that ends soon.

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I've just accepted that I'm baby wearing. Once she is asleep, I can sit. Our night sleeping is fine but in the day she wakes up within 5 minutes of laying down and there is no calming her back down. I find it hard because she wants to eat when she wakes up no matter how long it has been since her last meal.

Is there anything you can do to encourage sleep faster? Walking outside always makes DD2 fall asleep for us within 5 minutes.

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Things that I have found help Evie in this tine where she wants to be walked around is swaddling her and putting her in the swing with the music on. Or putting her in the car seat and rocking it with my foot, or in the bouncer and boucing it with my foot. I have found that it's not gassy or colic or even wanting to be held, it's that she's bored and enjoys looking at different things when we walk. Don't worry. As soon as they can hold a toy or kick the bouncer themselves they will have less need to walk.

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Have you tried gripe water? I haven't noticed a difference with Isaiah but he's actually a pretty easy baby, I was just curious if it would stop all his didn't. But I remember gripe water helping a little with my second daughter.

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Im lucky cause Jayden likes his swing but there are times when he doesnt like to be put down. I have found that if I put him on his belly for some tummy time for some reason that seems to help. He calms dowm and gives me a few minutes break. Otherwise I just use a sling