Baby Hiccups!

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Baby Hiccups!

ok so i've been sitting here feeling kendra "kick" and then i realized that i could time them. they were pretty strong too...they were really low too so i think she was hiccuping and she is head down, LOL now i can just feel her wiggling around. this is so neat! just wanted to share

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I think this one has had hiccups a couple times. With Mason towards the end, he had hiccups ALL the time! And he had them a lot after he was born too!

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Te other nite my best friend was here and it wast he first time she got to see my belly. she made me whip out the dopplar and lo and behold, she had hiccups. hiccups on the dopplar is so cute Biggrin

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They say that hiccups are the baby starting to learn to breathe Biggrin

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"bamsmom" wrote:

They say that hiccups are the baby starting to learn to breathe Biggrin

Thats awesome, I didn't know that.

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Brandon had hiccups all the time. On my last u/s the baby had hiccups and it was so cute. I think I may have felt them a few times this week, but I'm not sure. I know he's having them though, I've heard them on the doppler as well. I love baby hiccups.

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I just felt hiccups for the first time yesterday! Too cute. Smile

DD also got them all the time, both when I was pregnant and in her first year.

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Its soo exciting kesler gets them too but I think he gets mad at them. cause it will be a perfect rythm of movment amd then I feel I'm just start thrashing arounsd in their lol,

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Too cute!! DS got them all the time and they continued even after he was born Smile I have heard they start getting the hiccups when they start 'practice breathing', but this little guy had the hiccups at my 16/17 week ultrasound, which seems a little early for practice breathing? A few days ago was the first time I felt them with this pregnancy Smile wonder if he'll get them a lot too?

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DS got them often. DD NEVER did... and this one hasn't that I've noticed either... I want her to get the hiccups! I want to feel those regular bumps.

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DD had hiccups ALL the time... it would always make me nauseous! Totally weird!