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Baby shower

My friend, Amy, and my MIL are throwing my shower. It's right around the corner. July 16. Then, July 22, I'm having a shower at work! I'm so excited. That will give me time to get everything washed and hung and folded. I'm so happy!! I just want to be well prepared. I'm going to go to Target probably today or tomorrow to get ready for the shower I'm helping with at work. I'm in charge of the big gift which is is going to be a basket full of little things. I just love baby shopping!!!!

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This is definitely the fun part. I love baby shopping. I don't need as much stuff this time around but it's still fun to shop for it. My shower is on my birthday July 31, so I'm hoping it's early enough to get everything done.

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Wow lucky, I wish we could have showers with all our kids, I'd love to have one, only because it's fun to receive gifts and get together with people, especially those you haven't seen in a long time! Post pics and things after you have them, I love looking at pics Biggrin

That's why I like our board exchanges, gives us all that chance to get something for our babies even though we're not all together. Can't wait to get a PM from you saying who I buy for, and now that our postal services are off strike I can actually go out and look at items in person and ship it out and it shouldn't take till Christmas haha.

Ok I will end my mini hijack now, sorry!! Biggrin

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I think @ work I will be having a small shower in July sometime, but that will be it for me and honestly I didnt expect them to have one. However, they are an awesome group of girls!!!!!

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Sounds like fun. Are you having the shower at work for you or someone else? I am a little confused. Are you shopping for yourself?

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Fun! My shower is July 16th as well. It's fun just to get together with friends! And presents are always fun too ;-).

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What fun! Showers are so much fun. We won't be having one this time around. No one here to throw us one. IMHO, I think every baby should be celebrated with it's own shower... and I don't necessarily mean all the gifts and such, but just a party with cake and good food and friends to celebrate the new life coming into a family... whether it is the first or the fifth child! I'm looking forward to the exchange as well for that very reason.

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"bethmcd_22" wrote:

Sounds like fun. Are you having the shower at work for you or someone else? I am a little confused. Are you shopping for yourself?

I was shopping today for someone else. There are several of us at work that are pregnant. Her shower is Wednesday. My shower at work is July 22.

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Sounds like fun! My coworkers threw me an awesome shower with my first, and then my SIL had one and another girlfriend, so I think I've had my quota! SOmetimes we'll do a "meet the baby" party, but at least at work we only throw an actual shower for the first baby. We have 10 nurses all pregnant at work right now, and almost all of them are first babies, so I have a lot of showers to go to this summer!

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How fun!! I just went to my cousin's shower this weekend Smile I'd love to have one but doubt anyone will throw me one with this being #4.