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My immobile baby can suddenly crawl and pull himself up on everything! So its time to babyproof. I'm shopping online and there is everything under the sun to babyproof--door handle covers, surge protector covers, corner covers, gates, locks, etc. So my question for BTDT moms, what do you consider necessary baby proofing items?

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Definitely baby gate, I think thats a given! And lockes for the door handles and cupboards. I put the protectors on the corners of the tables but they become more of a game with Syd trying to get them off then them protecting anything! And definitely the toilet lock. I saved myself a lot of plumbers bills due that safety device! We're in the same boat but because we are moving in 6 weeks I dont want to go crazy babyproofing so we have been spending a lot of time in their room and mine because there is nothing for them to get into. We are spending a lot more time outside too. The only babyproofing Ive done is getting the baby gate out.

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Door handle dealies are not necessary until they are tall enough to reach the door handle....

Baby gate and play pen are our proofing. The play pen is great for outside when you DON'T want them crawling in the dog poo as you try to pick it up. Lol It's also good for when you need to be in the kitchen (can you say dishes) and the baby HAS to see you, but you don't want them getting into the crud on the floor that you haven't had time to sweep up.

We don't do the cupboard locks, but we haven't had trouble with our children trying to get into them, either. We have a "avoid being lazy" way of baby proofing. So what if you have to get up a few times to divert the child.. it's good exercise (our opinion). Plus, we believe the child should learn that they are not allowed to touch things. That way, you can take them into a store where things are off limits and they will understand what you mean when you say don't touch (again, our opinion).

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Baby gates, a play yard/play pen, outlet covers, some kind of screen for the fireplace. We did use a few cabinet locks for cabinets we really wanted him out of, because he was just too little to understand he couldn't go in there. In addition, we bought corner protectors for the coffee table as ours had rough edges and Brandon fell a few times and hit his head holding on to it. We also bought stove knob covers because he used to mess with the knobs at our old place. It isn't an issue now, but it was then. We didn't bother with toilet locks or any other intricate ones, we just used lots of baby gates and stepped over them to get to the bathroom or other areas we had blocked off.

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We installed child safe outlets instead of using covers. A foam guard around the fireplace edge. Make sure all furniture is secured, especially tv, tall dressers, and anything else they might be able to pull up on. Cabinet locks for kitchen and bathrooms. We prefer a gate that has a door to open. Dh is always in the middle of a project so gates are a must in our house.

The best way to keep them out of something you don't want them in is to give them something equally interesting. So if there is a cabinet they can't get in (like under the sink), let them get into the Tupperware or pots and pans cabinet.

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Great suggestions!

Agree with Joni!

We do outlet covers for sure (heck, they are still all on there from babyproofing for the older kid), strategic gating, and cupboard locks/guards.