Baby's got a lot more room than I thought.
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Thread: Baby's got a lot more room than I thought.

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    Default Baby's got a lot more room than I thought.

    So toward the end of last week, baby dropped. You could see it in the pictures, I had a little less heartburn and a great improvement on my appetite. Meanwhile my personal swelling increased and I waddled wider (like that was even possible) and my sciatic started flaring up. All signs pointed to baby dropped.

    Well, last night while lying in bed.. I felt the hiccups on the left side (the side I was lying on) instead of in my butt and DH was getting his arm kicked on the right side. So I guess baby was transverse.

    I hope baby gets head down again and stays put! *sigh*
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    LOL, I've had a lot of little poofs on one side then the other side. Weird.


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    Hopefully baby is still head down and just doing some kind of acrobatics. I feel like Carter is lower now too. I've had several people tell me that it looks like he is super low.
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    I've been carrying this baby super low this whole time, I don't know how much lower he can get, lol. Hopefully baby is still head-down, like Melissa said.
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    Crossing my fingers he goes head down.
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    Baby went super low today. It feels like she's going to pop out at times, and I felt hiccups in my butt! I never felt all this with dd since she was breech til 34 weeks and always rode high after that.

    I will add I frequently feel a knee or something on one side and hands or a foot on the other. When she isn't riding low I can feel hiccups almost at my belly button. And I usually know when she is transverse b/c it HURTS.
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