Back to work today.

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Back to work today.

Sitting here nursing Addisyn now, will be leaving in about half an hour. Soooo not ready. The only thing that makes today better than it could be is that I don't have to drop her off at the sitter cuz dd1 has preschool so he will drop them both off after school. I don't know why I bothered putting on eye makeup cuz I'm sure I will be crying. I'm also going to call the ob today cuz I suspect ppd.

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I'm so sorry. I know how hard it is to leave that precious baby. I hope you have a good day and that it flies by. Just think of how glad you are going to be today when you go home. I love to come home because I know that Carter has a ton of smiles waiting for me when he sees me. Hope your OB can help you out. Big hugs!

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Tomorrow is my first day back.

Hope your day flies by so you can get home to snuggle your girls!

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Good Luck today! I hated my first day (still hate it now). I agree, it does make the time i do have with her that much more special. Let us know what your OB says about the PPD.

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:bighug: I hope your day goes well... and quickly!

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I hope it flies by for u. I'm dreading going back in a week

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Im sorry u have to go back to work Sad
I know how you feel about the ppd :bigarmhug: hope your dr is able to help.
hope ur day flies by!!

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Thanks ladies. It went ok. It helped alot not having to drop off at the sitter.

I go to the dr thursday morning about the ppd. Could have gone in tomorrow but it was with the dr I hate so I don't think I would feel good about talking to him. Will let you know

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Glad your first day back went ok. Let us know how your doctor's appt goes.

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I am glad you are going to talk to a doc! It is so important to take care of yourself. I hope your day went okay!:bigarmhug:

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glad the day went okay for you and you are going to see your doctor, hoping things improve for you soon.