banning kids

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banning kids

Check out this link a friend of mine posted on facebook. Airlines, movie theaters, & restaurants are starting a movement to ban kids under 6.

Don't get me wrong it makes me mad when a kid a screaming or running around and the parents are ignoring it completely. But because of bad parenting I am now going to be punished. This country is just taking more & more of our rights away every day.

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I understand it but I don't agree with it...

Here is another one I saw on the Feb 2012 that blew me away!

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You know, I get it, but I think they are taking things to the extreme.

My wedding was child-free, and we do like going on "adult" vacations, so I understand wanting a break from the little ones, but airlines, restaurants, movies? That's just a bit too extreme. I understand not every child is the best behaved, but to be quite honest, I've seen a lot of teens and adults that are much worse behaved than the children I know.

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Lazy Parents are ruining it for the responsible parents. I take my daughter everywhere and she has never thrown a fit in public because she knows that that is not acceptable.

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I don't think it's necessarily lazy parenting. I think every baby/toddler/preschooler no matter their parents is going to have a bad day at least once (if not MANY more). I completely understand the theatres and restaurants. You know that family restaurants would still be around and that theatres would probably still let young kids into the 'kid' movies, but I'll admit that dh and I only go out to dinner a few times a year and when we go through the trouble to find a sitter and go out to an adult restaurant (almost always with a bar) and then there's young kids there with parents that are either not paying attention to them or screaming kids throwing irritates me.
Airlines, I can understand 1st class banning kids. If you are paying extra for a nice ride that nice ride should be able to be enjoyed sans screaming kids. If they started banning kids in coach that'd be another thing, how are families supposed to travel?

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I understand it. Family movies, I expect kids there. It pisses me off when we go to an R movie at 9 pm and people have their toddlers there. We went to Phantom of the Opera and someone brought their 9m baby and the child cried until intermission and then they left.

My SIL has the money to fly first class but she prefers coach with her 4 boys Smile

I'd like to think I'm not a lazt parent but DD has thrown public fits and it is usually because I'm expecting too much to be accomplished but some days, she is just grouchy and freaks out because I say no.

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I don't agree with the banning kids on first class, sorry. If you pay for the ticket for you and your child you get every right to be there, just like the other people who payed for the tickets.

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i agree with it but there should be a limit.

I was just talking to dh about this last week. we were discussing how nice it would be if places would have adults only night! And that would include only people over 18. Like nice resturauts, movie theaters and even the county fair. We only get to go out on very rare occassions and I hate having to listen to other peoples kids crying at an expensive resturaunt when it's clearly past there bedtimes!

I love my kiddo and i take him almost everywhere but i think that society has become so lax about what standards really are. It's common sense that there are some places, like rated R movies and nice restaraunts, that kids shouldn't be but people just expect everyone else to just deal with it.