Bare belly pic and what is growing in my yard?

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Bare belly pic and what is growing in my yard?

35 weeks today!

Is this a watermelon or pumpkin growing in my backyard? The vines are full of tiny little thorns and it is growing SUPER fast!!!

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you look great! Definitely carrying low!

No idea on what's growing. 3 or 4 years ago I spent the whole summer taking care of the 1 watermelon growing in my garden, the only thing that survived to fall and when it was perfect watermelon size I cut it from the vine and showed my dh and neighbors who laughed and said it was a pumpkin....but it was doubt, I left it on the porch a few days and it turned orange! I've done pumpkins but still haven't successfully gotten a watermelon from my garden, same this year, they started off fine and died off mid-way through the summer

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Haha, thanks Mandi! So, maybe it is a pumpkin? I guess if it turns to orange I will know. My daughter said she planted a pumpkin seed but I don't know where she would have gotten it from! Whatever it is, it is definitely fun to watch it grow and change. I have NEVER grown any fruit or vegetable before so this vine of mystery is very exciting for me.

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You look great!

I love that you don't know! Please tell us when you find out!

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u look great!!!!!
i have no idea but let me know what it is when u find out Wink

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great belly pic! And I'm pretty sure those are pumpkins! Smile My mom grows pumpkins in her back yard.

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You look great!!!!!!! I love that it's the mystery fruit/veggie. I can't wait to see what it is.

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Cute Belly....and it looks like a watermelon, not sure that is what it is though.

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It's a baby belly! Smile And I think a pumpkin too.

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Are there any orange flowers around? pumpkins USUALLY come with orange flowers.

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"epiclesis" wrote:

Are there any orange flowers around? pumpkins USUALLY come with orange flowers.

Yes, definitely orangey-yellow color flowers on the vine. They shrivel up and new ones appear.

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My first instinct was pumpkin. I guess you won't have to buy one this year if it continues to do well Lol

Holy baby belly for 35 weeks, you look great!!

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Cute belly and it definitely looks and sounds like pumpkin.

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what a great belly....besides it looking very uncomfortable!

no idea what that is growing though

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Cute Belly Picture!

Just wanted to add that with the dark green lines going through the melon it looks more like a watermelon. The pumpkin plant would have some sort of orange flowers on it (more than just one bud). Hope you find out what it is!!!!