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bed time

I keep reading that the earlier baby goes to bed the better they sleep. Does your baby have a set bedtime? Ours differs everynight especially since we deal with awful evening fussiness. I try to get him in bed by 9 but it depends on how long it takes him to settle. He is 6 wks old and still wakes up every 2.5 to 3 hrs at night. I am hoping things change in the next few weeks.

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Thalia does not have a set time ATM she's setting her own patterns. Shes pretty reliably fussy till about 11 then goes to bed. On lucky nights she sleeps four straight hours, but mostly she wakes every 2.5-3 hours. Lately tho shes been so bad with gas we've been having her sleep in bed w us.

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I'm not sure I believe the earlier baby goes to bed the better they sleep, but then again my babies are naturally good sleepers.

Shaylynn goes down around 11:30-12 most night because DH stays up until then and he feeds her so I can go to bed a bit earlier. She has slept through the night the past 3 nights, and Sunday morning I had to wake her up at nearly 11 AM!

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I'm a believer in early bedtimes for toddlers/kids but I'm not sure I believe that for a baby this young it makes any difference. Isaiah goes to sleep about 9pm now and he sleeps until 3am and then sleeps again until 6-6:30 (most nights)
My older son will be 2 in December, goes to bed at 7:30 and while *most* days he sleeps until 6:30am there are days when he wakes up once or twice at night still.

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I believe that good sleeping in the day leads to better sleeping at night but not necessarily an early bed time. When DD2 sleeps a lot in the day, she is easy to put to bed for the night and doesn't fight it as much. When she doesn't get the sleep, she fights it.

She doesn't sleep well alone during the day. If I get her to sleep by herself in the day, they are short naps, I have to feed her everytime she wakes up and night time is bad. If i hold her/have her in a carrier and she gets lots of sleep, bed time is easy and she sleeps by herself at night.

Right now, any sleep before 9 is just a nap. i can usually tell if it is bed for the night if when i lay her down, she stays asleep Smile

DD1 sleeps from 8-10pm to 8 am (sometimes later) and only wakes up in the night if something is wrong. She doesn't really have a bedtime, it is usually just she gets ready for bed right after supper. Sometimes after she is put to bed she is awake for a long time but occupies herself with singing and random talking or storytelling :rolleyes: She is fighting naps now and whether or not she has a nap has no impact on her night sleeping or bed time but she is a much nicer little girl if she has a nap Smile

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My baby is the exact same with daytime naps. If I take him somewhere in the carseat or hold him he will nap for over 4 hrs. If I put him down, his naps for less than an hour and he wakes up acting hungry. I try not to feed him by giving him the pacifier or rocking him back to sleep. I know if I let him sleep with me at night he would sleep way longer than he does now but I think its a habit I don't want to start.

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I agree with Mandi that early bedtimes for toddlers/kids seems to make a difference, but at this early age when they still (usually) need to eat every few hours, I'm not sure that it does. Catie's bedtime is between 7 and 7:30, and has been for a long time. As she started sleeping longer stretches as a baby, I gradually moved her last feeding back until it was 7pm, then put her to bed right after it. Right now Ronan doesn't have a bedtime yet, although we're hopefully moving in that direction. He usually wants to eat every three hours during the day. In the evening I feed him sometime between 7-8, then I hand him over to DH and go to bed (yes, I am often asleep by 8:30. It's pitiful). Sometimes he has awake time with DH, and sometimes he goes right to sleep. We usually wake him up to feed him sometime between 10-11 (he almost always goes right back to sleep after that feeding), and then just whenever he wakes up for the rest of the night. Tonight we are experimenting with not waking him up for that last feeding. I fed him at 7:45, so we'll see what happens. I probably need to go to sleep now ;-).

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Selah dozed early evening and is awake from 7:30ish to 9:30. We feed and put to bed then around 10:15.... She's been sleeping 4-4 1/2 hrs and them 3 hrs. And is awake for a couple and takes a good morning nap after that.

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Addisyn doesn't settle until 12-1 or 2 on bad nights. Though a normal night is fusing from 8 until she falls asleep unless she is nursing. Though once she gets to sleep she does sleep well. With work I'm having to wake her at 7 to feed, so a good 6hrs. Then after that first feeding she normally sleeps until get next feeding a few hours later

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Right now he sleeps so much I don't think it matters. The only thing that distinguishes bedtime for him is the Swaddle, the location, and the dark. He naps in the pack n play in the living room, but he sleeps in the pack n play in our room. When we go to bed, he goes to bed, so around 10 or 11. When he gets older his bedtime will be around 8 or 9.

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We do "bedtime routine" with Brayden and Cassandra at the same time.

At 8, we do bath, PJs, storytime, lights out and snuggle time.

Sometimes she goes to sleep at storytime and we start the night from there, other times she's up for a bit longer. I think 10 is about the latest she's fussed until. I do watch TV or something during that time and have her swaddled and held. Lights are low/off, sound is as quiet as I can make it and still hear. When I go to bed, she goes in the bassinette and stays there.

She's been eating around 8, 10, 2 and 6 ish, then goes back to sleep until about 9, when she wants to eat again.


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We start routine at 8 and she is in her bassinet asleep by 9:30. She sleeps until anywhere from 11:30 tp 4:30...

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kesler is up every 1 - 2 hrs so we dont have a bed time but I agree bedtime for kids is great Skyler goes to bed at 8 pm on school nites