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I've been crazy busy all week and starting Monday night, didnt feel great - having lots of braxton hicks, some cramping, back pain, etc. I texted my OB (who is still my OB until Thursday when I officially start seeing the midwives) and she told me to take tylenol, drink and rest. Unfortunately, things have kept getting worse since then, so I went in to see her. I FEEL like I have a UTI, but the dipstick disagrees, I dont have any bleeding or anything, but still with contractions.

So, she put me on bedrest for 4 days to see if it helps while we wait for culture results.

Hopefully we'll get them back soon!

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Sorry about the bedrest and the contractions. Hopefully they will ease up soon and you will feel a bit better.

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Sorry about the bedrest. Hopefully it's only for 4 days and not longer. KUP!

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Hope you feel better and get some answers about what's going on.