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I still rock Andrew to sleep for every nap and bedtime. And I don't mean rock in a chair. I stand up and bounce/rock him. He is almost 25 lbs and its starting to take its toll on me. Now at nightime I rock him to sleep and the minute I put him in his crib he wakes up and cries. This lasted for two hours tonight until I could finally get to sleep. Last night he woke up at 12 and I fed him and we went through the whole ordeal of not being able to lay him down. I don't know what to do anymore and think I may have to start CIO. Has anyone done this in the past successful and want to share their techniques? I am dreading it but I feel at 10 months he is old enough now.

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We did CIO with DD1 at 9m and it worked really well for us. If I remember right, I changed her diaper, then fed her and rocked her in the glider for about 5 minutes (maybe longer, I don't remember), then laid her down in bed and walked out.

First night she cried 20 minutes. Broke my heart. My limit was 30, but we didn't get there.
Second night was less than 10.
Every night after that was either none or just a little fussing.

I think DD2 would benefit from some sort of CIO or sleep training or something, but we're limited by the girls sharing a room. I don't want her to scream for 20 minutes and wake up her big sister, KWIM?

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I am a firm believer of CIO. Saying that though, I have criticized, and I have been told I am neglecting my kids.

In my defense Both my kids have STTN within 3 days of CIO and I can lay them down awake and they put themselves to sleep. Kyla actually pushes out of my arms when she wants to go to bed.

The reason I am such a believer in CIO is because Hayleigh, my first, was so colicky, I held her all the time. When she finally grew out if the reflux causing the colic, she was an awful sleeper. dH and I tried everything. I bought and read every book people recommended to me and nothing worked. W finally took a class on CIO. Three days later she was trained.

Our technique which has worked with both kids (Hayleigh at 6 months, Kyla at 3 months) is evening routine -whatever it is, it does not change much. If they know hat to expect, it is a comfort. Either DH or I finish hygiene then we turn off the lights, give a bottle and lay her down. She fusses, gets comfortable an falls asleep within minutes.

When we first started, I will let them cry for 2 hours. I know it sounds awful but they are safe. Neither kid cried that long at bedtime, they did at naps though. It took Kyla 1 night to train and Hayleigh three nights. Kyla cried and fussed for forty minutes. She has been STTN ever since.

Naps can take up to two weeks.

At this age I recommend putting a few small hard toys in the crib. It works wonders!

If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer.

If anyone has anything nasty to say please keep it to yourself. I have heard it all and don't need to hear it again. I am fully supported by my doctor and every other parent who has used this technique.

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Thanks for all the info. Andrew was also colicky and we would walk around the house rocking him for hours at night and unfortunately that habit never ended. I held out on CIO in the hopes that once he started walking he would be so exhausted he would fall asleep on his own. However, he has been walking for over a month now and things have gotten worse in the sleep department. It used to be that I would rock him to sleep then lay him down and he would sleep great. Now he is waking up and not being able to soothe himself back to sleep. I know that alot of people are very anti-CIO but I have reached the end of my options. He is too old and too heavy to be rocked for hours. It is not healthy for either one of us. It is also a problem when my mother in law watches him two days while I work because she physically cannot rock him and so hes not sleeping whens he is here.

I am thinking about starting out CIO with just bedtime and not naps. Bedtime is the major issue right now. I am worried though that if I dont do both at the same then it won't work....any input?

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I CIO with DD1 or our form of it. She was still waking 3 times a night. I think it took 2 nights for each feed and I left the third feed because it was at 6 and I didn't mind feeding her then. She was STTN the night at 7 months. With the twins I'm finding it harder. Brad will STTN but kaylee is the problem. We are in the new house and we have 4 bedroom so I can separate them Yahoo so basically I'm right there with you.

As for the naps, the twins are great with that and they rarely cry at nap time but DD1 was horrible she faught her sleep. So at an early age I decided she was fine with one nap. When I eliminated the morning nap I found she was easier to put down in the afternoon. You could try that, I'm just not sure how old DD1 was when I did that. Andrew may not be ready yet.

I hope this works for you. We are starting this weekend with kaylee. I hope we can both have babes who STTN! Good luck Smile

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Evie won't let me put her down if I rock her to almost sleep (same as you, standing) and put her down. What I have to do is put her down drowsy, then physically hold her down (gently) with one had and let her play with my other hand. She will stand up as soon as I take my hands off or away from her, even if she is almost out. Last night I spent 30 minutes in this position with her. It's not as hard on my back as rocking her, but it's the same issue. As soon as I take my hands away ... She does this for naps, too.. the only difference is I usually have DH to keep the boys out of her room when I put her to bed for the night. During the day, it's a struggle to keep the boys quiet-ish (she tolerates a lot of noise, usually) and keep DS#2 out of the room. He still doesn't get it that when I say go away it's not cause I don't want him, it's cause he'll wake sister or keep her awake and ... Now that it's warm outside, I can send the boys outside to play when I'm trying to put her down to nap, but DS#1 has been bullying his brother when I'm not looking. :angry5:

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After a nightmare of a week last week with sleep and Andrew being up a large part of the night last Wednesday (wouldn't let us lay him in the crib) I decided to do CIO. It's been successful. The first night he cried on and off for about 35 minutes. We checked on him twice but I think that made it worse. He used to wake up multiple times a night and now he is either sleeping through the night or waking once between 3 and 5am to eat and then back to bed until about 7:30am. I am not doing CIO for naps yet but getting him down for naps has become easier since we started CIO and he is almost on a nap schedule now. I hoped that I would never have to do CIO but since we did it five days ago there has been a dramatic improvement in Andrews sleep.