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Been MIA...

Hi ladies! I've been lurking, but had no time to post lately! I've been keeping up with everyone though, a few minutes at a time. We are doing well here, although we have joined the thrush ranks. Went to the bfing clinic on Wednesday for confirmation. Audrey has had a wicked yeast bum rash, and thrush in her mouth, but I haven't had any signs of it. I thought perhaps I had some intraductal as I was having terrible breast pain, but the LC and doc don't think so. I've been treating both of us anyway though. Her bum is clearing up, and her mouth is clear already, and she's feeding better which is the best sign to me that she's feeling better.

On Wednesday Audrey weight 8 lbs 11 oz, so she's gained 1 lb 10 oz in 5 weeks! She's getting some rolls on her legs, and starting to smile. Her big sister adores her, and its cool to see Audrey responding to Hailey already.

We've gotten all our referral paperwork done for the prosthetic clinic, and we go in January for assessment and first fitting. The whole arm situation has basically faded into the background, she is such a darling that you mostly forget about it...its just who she is. DH is completely smitten, and I think feels guilty for all his worries during the pregnancy. We can't imagine her not being here in our family. Everyone has been super supportive, and when we've had to tell strangers (went to a big baby shower, and another birthday party) people basically say "oh, ok" and thats about it. We don't hide it, but at the same time I don't advertise it when I'm out at say Walmart or something. She'll have enough people taking a second look at her once she's big enough to sit up in the cart. She waves the little arm around like crazy, and when she's mad you can bet that both her full arm and little arm beat the crap out of me in unison!

I'll take some pics of her and of her arms and post them soon. I am going to try to post more often, but man 2 kids is busy!!! I don't know how you mums of more do it!

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Sorry to hear about the thrush. I thought I had intraductal thrush as well but the pain is my only symptom (and CJ has no signs) so I'm thinking my body is just weird, lol. Glad to hear Audrey is doing well and can't wait to see some pics of her. Hope her appt. at the prosthetic clinic goes well.

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Glad everything is going well!

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Glad you and DH are still doing decently. It sounds like he's come around on the arm issue. I can relate on the thrush. Seems a lot of us have it right now. :confused:

Can't wait to see pics of your complete family! Smile

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Can't wait to see pics! Sorry about the thrush issue- glad you are doing well otherwise!

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Glad all is well!!!
Cant wait to see pics!!
hope the thrush gets better soon.