Been MIA sorry and long update

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Been MIA sorry and long update

First let me just say that im sorry i havent been around lately. i have popped in here and there but only for a few minutes at a time. ihave ALOT Of catching up to do! wont have time today though, busy busy day! Smile

Kendra is doing wonderful! She is such a good baby! we have her 2nd pediatrician appt this morning. whichis good cause she has a pussy eye and a raw hiney :(. not sure how her hiney is raw looking we are gentle with her and she is changed regularly. Thanks to the help our our LC, Kendra is breastfeeding. Turns out she doesnt like my nipples AT ALL, so she will only nurse with a nipple shield on my nipple. i am pumping and feeding and formula feeding in there as well. i need to start paying attention to the breast feeding thread i suppose. would probably help. She is a good sleeper, not fussy at all, only cries when she is hungary, but we can tell before she cries as she chomps on her fists when she wants to eat. oh and my personal favorite part, she loves to snuggle with her mommy! My husband is so wonderful! he gets up with me in the middle of the night, helps me get her latched (hard to get her latched with a nipple shield sometimes), get bottles if i need one, etc etc. Like the song "then" by Brad Paisley, i thought i loved him 2 weeks ago. Seeing him with our daughter has made me fall in love with him all over again. All in all, this past week has been alot easier that i thought it would be. Though i must say that the hormones are WAY worse now then when i was pregnant. i cry all the time. ok, usually i am admiring her when i cry, or listening to certain songs, or watching hubbie with her, youget the point LOL i have 2 songs that make me cry my eyes out, i played them both for her hen i was pregnant and now every so often i play them for her. the first is Janelle "amazing" and the second is "The Story" by i cant remember her name off hand (sorry im tired).

i am SO in love with this child. i look back over the last 6 years and all the struggling DH and i went through to conceive, all the heart breaks, negative pregnancy tests, the tears and it was ALL worth it. i wouldnt change a thing. All of the struggling brought me to Kendra. I still pinch myself at times to make sure that this is all reality. i never ever thought i could ever be this happy. I am glad she is here, it is good to have my body back, good to roll over in bed without any pain, good to have most of my appetite back. i even have my sex drive back ten fold! Biggrin unfortunately, DH will have no parts of it right now for fear of hurting me! Ok, he's probably right but i feel normal again and i dont see me waiting that long HAHA ANYWHO, while i am glad she is here i do miss feeling her in me. i miss feeling her feet moving in there.

Ok, enough sappyness from me! like i said im tired!

here are a few pictures, 9 days old

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Laura, Glad things are going soo well for you and Kendra.

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yay!!! she's super cute. congratulations Smile

as far as the raw bum goes - what brand diapers are you using? Smile

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So glad things are going well! I love the pics- she is precious! I used a nipple shield on and off at the beginning with DD as well, but was able to wean her off of it fairly quickly (you may find as she grows a little bit that you don't need it any more- sometimes when they're really little it's just hard for them to latch). But seriously- whatever works for you is great! I have a friend who nursed her son for 15 months and used the nipple shield the whole time.

The emotions/hormones after having a baby can definitely be crazy! But it sounds like you are crying for happy reasons- that is great! Hope things continue to go well! Keep us posted!

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Wonderful update! I am glad that bring is coming around!

Thanks for popping in!

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Congrats! She is adorable.

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She is too cute. So great to hear from you, and such a wonderful update! Makes me ready to meet my little guy!

I totally agree with you, I was a way bigger hormonal basket-case after DS was born than I ever was pregnant. Smile

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I'm glad to hear things are going so well with Kendra.

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Oh yay! Congratulations! I don't remember if I missed her original birth "announcement" on here or not as things have been crazy and we have had visitors. She's lovely! I'm so glad everything is going well. I had to use a nipple shield with DS for about a month and was able to wean him off it gradually. And then we nursed until he was about 13 months old! So, I hope you are able to nurse her for a long time as well. Sounds like your DH is being a great help. I'm so glad things are going so well.