belly feels like it's going to burst!

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belly feels like it's going to burst!

You'd think with this being my third baby I'd know but I don't remember feeling this uncomfortable with my other two.

My belly feels like it's so stretched out, not my skin but like my uterus, it feels like it's a balloon that's been blown up too much! If that makes sense?? lol

I can't sit up-right hardly at all before it starts to really get uncomfortable. Only thing that helps is if I lay on my side. But I can't lay down all day...

anyways, it's another 8-9 weeks before Logan is born, I just don't feel like he's going to stay in there that long! Lol

anyone else feel like this? like you're going to burst??

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I don't know HOW I look like I'm still about 20 weeks pregnant and I feel like I'm 35 weeks. Heartburn is back with a vengeance b/c my uterus is way high (and I look like I am carrying low lol), which also means I can't breathe and am getting nauseous easily.

I feel you. Sad

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sometimes i wonder how i'm going to make it to 40 weeks myself. i think my feet are going to burst before my belly does though from being swollen for the last like 3 months without going back to normal hardly at all

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I constantly feel like I am going to burst. It was like this last time too. Since about 20 weeks my belly has been rock hard most of the time, especially after eating. I feel so stretched out.

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Yes! And like you there are times the only relief I feel is when I lay down on my side. I hate that feeling too & my feet are like water balloons as well - oohh the joys of summer pregnancies!

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Yes Yes and Yes!!!!!!!

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I have been feeling that way for a while. Now that I'm contracting all the time, I really feel like I'm going to explode. I don't understand how contractions can be so strong already!

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I was just commenting to dh this morning that I don't know how he's going to fit in a few more weeks, I feel like I'm at almost max capacity as it is

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I with you guys...I also feel like the movements are so violent already (way more than I remember at this point last pregnancy) that this kid is going to bust his/her way out through the front!

I am so uncomfortable at night, and then I remember that I have 10 weeks to go...........:eek: