Belly measurements: around/circumference?

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Belly measurements: around/circumference?

So, this morning I found a tape measure and decided to measure the circumference of my belly. 41.25 inches! DH asked me if that was good... and I said I had no clue! I think I may have measured the circumference once or twice with my other two pregnancies and put the measurements in their belly books, but I'll have to go back and see if I can find them.

Does anyone else want to join me and measure their bellies to see how big around we all are??? Biggrin

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On my August 2010 board we played a routine game of how many toilet paper squares we were. Wink

I am pretty sure I'm probably close to 41 inches circumference BEFORE being pregnant Wink So I'll just say that on Wednesday my fundal height was 36cm. Wink

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If I had a tape measure I would! LOLLL

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my belly is about 43 boobs are about the same :eek:

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Oh! I didn't think of measuring my boobs! :eek: