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belly pic

21 weeks with the twins... yes im huge! lol dont mind me i had just got out of the shower lol

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Oh my! Look at those babys girls!!! They're growing like weeds aren't they?

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You're all baby! Great picture

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Absolutely all baby!!! I am really interested to know what you will be before you deliver!

Take care of your back Mommy!

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You look great, especially for being pregnant with twins!!!

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Holy cow! I can't believe you're only halfway through...those are going to be healthy sized twins! Do you know if they're identical?

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WOW.....they are definately healthy...I feel so tiny now, I'm still bairly showing.

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WOW!!!!! No wonder they sent you for another u/s! You would think that in itself would have sent alarm bells lol. Definately ALL baby, and you look great. I agree with everyone else those girls are gonna be a nice size when they're born. KUP on the final measurements! Grow girls grow!

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went to the dr this morning they are going to send me for ANOTHER ultrasound bc im so big... she says i have alot of fluid and they arnt sure how much and to find out more info on the babies... im assuming a 3d or something gotta drive a hr to a different hosp for it so hopefully we find out more info we dont know if they identical or not yet but im assuming we will find that out whenever i go for this ultrasound

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Now I am a couple weeks behind you, but you are definately bigger then I am. I hope that the US will give you some additional information. AFM.. I was measuring 26 weeks when I was 17 wks and I have been told that it is normal to measure about 10 wks over.

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WOW! Are you sure that isn't a basketball under your shirt!? LOL! That is a super cute belly, but wow... That's alot of baby!

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Congrats on your twins Erin!

The March board is so dead I see why you didn't bother posting over there :p.

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"K_Lo" wrote:

Congrats on your twins Erin!

The March board is so dead I see why you didn't bother posting over there :p.

i know i wish it wasnt so dead i have most of the reg on my fb but dont have you if you have a fb u should send me your link congrats on your preg too the kids are getting so big!