Birth Plan Ideas...

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Birth Plan Ideas...

Hi Ladies. I decided I would look over my birth plan from DD1 this afternoon and see what I wanted to add or change.

What types of things are you putting in your birth plan? I want to make sure I don't forget anything.

I've talked about laboring naturally, being able to move around during labor, who I want in the room during delivery, that I do not want the baby given any bottles or pacifiers by hospital staff, that I want the baby to room in with me and not go to the nursery.

What else should I make sure I have in there?

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I've always been told to not make it long, only include the things that are most important to you and make sure whoever is going to be with you knows all of your wishes. L&D nurses can be busy, they may not have time to read several pages worth of a birth plan and then remember it and which patient it goes with throughout labor. I didn't include much about labor other than I want to be able to move around and try water and the birth ball for pain relief. Delivery I put that I want to catch the baby myself, baby goes straight to me, delayed cord clamping, and he stays with me until he breastfeeds (assuming there's no reason for concern). My midwife already knows I would rather tear than have an episiotomy and my dh knows as well...and I know from past experience that even while pushing I don't mind yelling at the dr that I don't want to be cut WinkLol I put that I don't want the eye drops and no heb b shot in the hospital, but other than that I don't think it's necessary. I'm delivering at a 'baby friendly' hospital where they really push breastfeeding, so I am confident that baby will not get a bottle unless absolutely necessary and will room in with me unless there are any problems. Of course this is all assuming I make it 4 more days and get to deliver at my hospital of choice. I don't feel like making a 'just in case' birth plan because the other hospital has some pretty strict 'procedure', baby would be taken away no matter what and admitted to the NICU no matter what if he's born before Wednesday. I figure I can talk to them about any other wishes and dh knows how I feel.

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I'm laboring naturally as well and I pretty much put the same thing on my birth plan as you did. I also put on my birth plan that I want to be able to wear my own clothes and not have an iv or if required then a hep-lock so it would be easier to move around or get in the tub. I requested the lights be dimmed and that I can bring my own soothing/relaxing music from home. I also want skin to skin contact immediately after birth and to breastfeed ASAP.

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I have most of those things in my plan. Thanks ladies! Smile

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My birth plan is not very invasive...basicly I want to delivery vaginally and to tear. I'd like to breastfeed in the first hr if possible. Other than that, I'm happy as long as they are happy/healthy

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I've never really felt the need to make a birth plan actually. My hospital is very mom/baby friendly, allowing tearing is standard procedure, babies always room in with the mum, they heavily encourage immediate breastfeeding, and they lay baby on your tummy right after they come out. All the questions about shots, iv, etc I discuss with my midwife in advance so she has it all on file already. I also know that DH will be there to back me up in case they try to do something I'm not prepared for. I think as long as both you and DH are prepared with what you want/don't want, you should be fine.

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I did a birth plan for my first but never bothered for my second because the first didn't go how I thought and my second definately didn't go how I thought. Both times most of the stuff I wanted was default unless you said otherwise or was necessary.

My first was only slightly different than what I wanted but I was more upset over the things that didn't happen. This time was quite different than what I expected but I was more willing to go with the flow.

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I Wrote one last time but we decided not to bring it. We had complete faith in the medical staff. After DD's birth we were convinced we made the right decision! Besides, my DH is a wonderful advocate and knows what I want!

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:lurk: from Oct 2011

Part of my birth plan has post birth stuff on it. Such as...

I want all visitors delayed until DH & I have had a chance to bond with our LO first.
I also have on mine to decline the Hep B vaccine because I want the ped to control all of those doses so they aren't from different manufacturers.

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I think I'm done with my plan and will take it to my midwife appt. on Wednesday... I mostly just want it to go in my file at the dr.s office because I have seen 6 or so different drs/midwives since I switched to the new practice at around 24 weeks and want my wishes/desires to be on file. My next 3 appts. (if I make it to all three) are with 2 different midwives, either of which could deliver me. I'll also take a copy to the hospital just because I've never delivered at this hospital (we didn't even get in on a L&D tour... not enough time), so I'm not quite sure what to expect, even though I've been researching the L&D a lot and taken a virtual tour, I just want to be prepared.