Birth story

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Birth story

A forwarning, this might be all over the place Lol
Where to start. Saturday morning I cleaned the house and then went to the zoo with the kids, my sister-in-law and my nephew. I knew I was having contractions every 8 minutes beforehand but figured the zoo would either help them along or at least distract me, not to mention get the kids out. We finished maybe half the zoo before I decided we better not finish the rest. Luckily for me my sister-in-law was okay coming to our house to watch the kids until my in-laws could get there (they were at a wedding) and I called dh before we left the zoo and told him he should get out of work early and come pick me up. They were every 5 minutes at that point, so not too bad. So off to the hospital we went, I noticed about 3:30pm...called dh about 4pm and we got to the hospital around 6pm I believe? I was 3cm when they first checked me when I got there (contracting every 3 minutes) and then 4cm the next time. I didn't really pay attention to times but I think it was 2 hours later, so they admitted me and everyone thought we'd have a baby by morning. At some point I got off the monitors and took a shower to help my back pain...sometime around there I noticed the contractions didn't seem to be coming as close together, going back on the monitors confirmed it and at next check there was no change, they took me off the monitors and said to try to rest and we'd see how things were in the morning. Morning came and my contractions were far apart (every 15 minutes or so) and of course no change. With my past labors they just weren't sure what to do. I live a good drive from the hospital and have fast labors and was they had me get up and walk around, get on the birthing baall, go on all 4s...just all sorts, they even hinted that I could try their stairs as long as they didn't know Lol and I did, but nothing was doing it. They gave me the option to keep trying there or to be discharged and around 10am (Sunday) I asked to be discharged. I knew nothing would start back up there and I was really worried that I'd be discharged late at night and then have to be home alone with all the kids and dh working 8-8 on Monday. My midwife reccomended we not pick up the kids and see if we could start things back up ourselves and she gave dh a quick run through on 'just in case you have to deliver the baby yourself' Lol So, we left and went to the mall and a few stores, nothing seemed to be happening so we went and got some lunch and went home. I ate, and picked up the house and then hopped on the riding lawn mower and mowed our back yard (important to note we live on almost 2 acres Lol ) I came in and showered and then we DTD and within 20 minutes STRONG contractions started up (about 2:30pm), they were down to every 5 minutes right away but I decided to stick them out a little, but by 3pm I told dh we better go. I suggested we go to the store right down the street from the hospital and we were in there less than 5 minutes before I told dh we had to go. I could hardly walk at that point and we were getting quite a few looks. We got to the hospital about 4pm and within 20 minutes things were rough. I told dh that I really didn't want to do this anymore and I wanted to go home Lol which is when he knew that this was 'it'. They didn't keep me on the monitors long and I went straight into the shower after she checked me...still 4cm which had me SO disappointed (in hindsight I find it funny because of how strongly I was contracting at that point). I just sat in the shower and cried with each contraction. After about an hour they had me leave the shower to be checked and the nurse said about 5cm...again, I was super disappointed. She wanted to monitor me but I could not bear to be in bed so they let me go back in the shower and called my midwife down to see if she could break my water. She came in and coaxed me out of the shower, laying in bed at that point was pure torture but she needed to have baby on the monitor while she broke my water and said once that was done I could go back in. She checked me and broke my water and said i was 5cm and told the nurse to go fill the pool, that was about 5:30pm. She got me up and told dh to grab the camera and we walked down the hall to the room with the tub. I got in there and sat in the tub right away, that was SO nice! It really went so fast at that point, but felt like slow motion, before I knew it I was feeling pushy and the midwife was telling the nurse she needed to be in there now and the poor nurse was worried because the 'birth table' was all set up in my room, not that room. Baby was crowning at this point and I guess the hospital has NOT approved water births yet so the midwife and my dh picked me up and with just a few pushes baby was out, so I delivered standing up in the birthing pool Wink and then they helped me sit down with baby Smile He felt big pushing him out, with #2 and #3 I didn't have to push after the head was out and even standing up with gravity helping me I had to push for his shoulders. Nobody was really paying attention but they guessed his birth time at about 5:45pm. He definitely looked chubby but still tiny to me so I was in shock when they weighed him and said he was 7lbs 5oz! My biggest baby before him was 5lbs 13oz and they were delivered at the same 'gestation', both boys. The next day they did the ballard assessment (to assess gestational age) and came back with a 'score' of 39 weeks, which actually makes so much more sense than what they had me at (when they admitted me on Saturday my fundal height was at 38 too), based on when I got the positive test and when we dtd, I always knew they had me at less than I was because the 21st would have been impossible but even being 39 weeks made sense based on his size. All my other kids were about the same, he was a lb and a half to 2lbs heavier, about what they'd grow in 2.5-3 weeks.
What else, he had a lot of facial bruising because of how fast he came but it is actually clearing up quite fast compared to the bruising my DD2 had. The LC thinks his facial muscles are sore and contributing to his bad latch, hopefully that improves. His bili levels this morning were 8 and at discharge it was 6.8 this afternoon so that all looks great (all my other kids had borderline-high levels) and he sleeps GREAT! ***KNOCK ON WOOD*** The last two nights he woke at midnight and 6am to eat, I'd love if that continues. Everything was really such a whirlwind. He's a wonderful baby, looks nothing like my other kids but absolutely adorable in his own right. His discharge weight was 6lbs 14oz so not too bad there. Newborn clothes fit perfectly, and anything I had for 'up to 7lbs' or 'preemie' does not fit at all Lol I gave the hospital a few of the preemie sized hats I knit for him too since those also did not fit. The kids all love him, even DS which has surprised me.....I'm sure I'm forgetting some but I'm exhausted and he's starting to wake up, so I'll add anything i forget, just wanted to get a rough birth story written before I start forgetting (and i already have, I had to ask dh about some details).

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Congrats and thanks for sharing! That is wild how it took awhile to get going, and then went really fast! How great that your care providers were so patient though. It sounds like a wonderful birth. That is awesome that he is such a good sleeper- I hope he keeps it up for you!

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What a story! Glad it went fast for you. Congrats again!

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Wow, what an adventure! I was rooting for you the whole time and am so glad he is here!

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Beautiful story Mandi!! So funny you gave birth standing in the birth pool, love it!! Sounds like it went perfectly and you have a perfect BIG guy Smile

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I still can't believe how big he is compared to the other children! How crazy if you really were close to 39 weeks!

Awesome story and such a trooper!

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Congrats! He is huge compared to your other babies!

I totally get not wanting to having to lay down for the monitors. That was easily the worst part of both my labours.

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Congrats, what an amazing birth. Standing up in the bath, crazy. Glad to hear he is such a good baby and everyone is adjusting well.

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Congratulations! Great birth story Smile I love that you lucked out into essentially having a water birth even though you weren't "allowed" Wink
Hope the bfing improves!

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How funny that he ended up being so much bigger than your other kiddos. Sounds like a great, albeit fast, birth!!!

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Congrats! What a great story. I will share your story on the December '09 board. Biggrin Love the name you picked out btw. I wonder why? Lol

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Kind of crazy birth but happy it went well. i cant believe they made you stand up to deliver lol..

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Congrats Mandi! Sounds like a near perfect birth story. Oh and I am jealous of his sleep patterns Biggrin

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GLad it went well!!!