Birthday plans.

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Birthday plans.

As we near their first birthday (how the heck did this happen?!) I realized that I have been so consumed with planning DD1 bday party and the move that I haven't even begun to plan the babes bday. I think we'll keep it small to just a select few family member and friends but other then that I have no idea what to do. I had a huge party for DD1 and regretted it because it was so overwhelming. I thinking backyard BBQ and I have no idea on the theme.

Anyway, what is everyone else planning for the big day?

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We are keeping things really small. We are actually supposed to be going away with my family the weekend of his birthday so I think we may just have a celebratory dinner and cake. I may do something small later for friends/family but I'm not going to go all out, probably just a barbecue or potluck. We had Brandon's first birthday at a park, but it was small and simple, nothing ultra fancy.

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I don't know yet!

DD1's first birthday was a small thing at our house. We got pizza and invited immediate family/close friends. Maybe 10-15 people total? Just a few kids (my brother brought his 2, and friends of ours have a DD a few weeks older than our DD).

DD1 and DD2 are turning 5 and 1 within days of each other. I feel like we need to do SOMEthing but not sure what. Maybe just a zoo gathering for DD1 and a few friends, and then give DD2 a piece of her cake too? :shrug:

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I did a big party for dd1 bu have decided just close family for Kyla no theme. Poor second kid Smile

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I LOVE party I get more excited about birthday parties than my kids! Shay's going to have a safari themed party. I am currently in search of fabrics to make her birthday dress. I have family that comes from out of town, so we feed them anyways, so we will also cook out hamburgers and hotdogs for everyone.

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I am going to do a Hungry Caterpillar theme for Miss S's birthday. Mostly for the cake/decor. We will have a few friends over and no family since no one lives near us. I will probably order her a tutu and have a little smash cake just for her! I will have a few H.C. themed games for the bigger kiddos. That's pretty much it. Her big thing will be her cake, as I LOVE decorating birthday cakes!

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We are doing a joint party for DS and DD at our local zoo.

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We are doing a "Baby Mickey" themed cookout with family and a few close friends.

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My kids' birthdays are only about 3 weeks apart, so it's going to be a little crazy. I think we're going to do a barbecue birthday party/Labor Day party for Ronan. I went into labor with him on Labor Day last year, so it seems appropriate :-). For Catie's 4th birthday, we're doing an Alice in Wonderland tea party. Both will be fairly small- just close friends (all of our family lives too far away to come). I can't believe it's time to think about this!!!!

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Well DS2 and the twins birthdays are 6 days apart, but since he is turning 7 I will be doing 2 birthday parties. They are going to be 2 weekends in a row and I will be a crazy person by the time its over. We never do anything big, we usually just have family over.