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I was bleeding over the weekend and figured it was from dtd the night before but I called the dr over the midwives just to be sure. He said it was fine. Yesterday I was bleeding again but hadn't dtd so they had me go into get checked out. I was very excited to see my weight is up to 111 (up from 108 on the 3rd). They checked baby's hr which was fine and the dr looked at my cervix. He said the vascular tissue that is supposed to grow on the inside of the cervix as it closes sometimes grows on the outside and mine is quite vascular. It is fine but anytime I dtd, blow my nose, etc I will probably bleed. Otherwise it looks fine, cervix is long and closed.

Anyone else ever deal with this? I'm just surprised it didn't start happening til the 2nd tri.

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I haven't dealt with this, but I'm so glad that everything is okay!

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I always hate reading topic titles like this so I am so happy it is nothing to worry about!

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Glad everything is okay!!

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Whew glad everything is OK!

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With my youngest son I was put in the hospital for bleeding at 21weeks. Turns out there was a blood clot behind the placenta where it attempted to detatch. They kept me for a few days to make sure everything was alright. The bleeding stopped and the placenta corrected itself.

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Thanks ladies. Scilla, the dr had mentioned getting me in for another ultrasound just to be sure the placenta is ok.

Of course I went and did dr. Google and found a lot of women who had possible cervical cancer and the vascular cervix was a clue. I had a pap last summer tho so I don't think it would be that. There were women who had it during pregnancy like me that were fine.

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How annoying, but glad it is a reasonable explanation. And hey, step away from Dr. Google!

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I have no experience with this, but I'm glad the bleeding is nothing to worry about.

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Yeah, it sounds like you have nothing to worry about...we have an increased blood volume right now, so all the capillaries are engorged, and they break easily. It's perfectly normal and of no danger to have bleeding after dtd, or blowing your nose, or flossing your teeth. Just tell DH he has to take it easy on you right now Smile