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Board Blinkie/Collage?

I was wondering if anyone was interested in having a blinky made up of all our babies as newborns and also some sort of collage? I made the June 2010 blinky and also the collage. I would do ours in similar fashion. If there's interest, I probably would not be doing it till after Christmas though, but I would certainly try to get it all done before then.

Here is the blinky:

And here is the collage:

I would put sapphires in place of the bugs of course for the collage lol.

If there's interest I will post an email and details later this week Smile

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I love it! Looks great

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Looks great, I'm in Smile

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Cute! I especially like the collage!

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Sure I'd use it!

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I will post info in a few days on how to get your images to me etc, and what kind of images to send and leave it up for a week or so, so that people have a chance to get their image in to me. Most boards do have blinkies/collages made so I thought since I did our blinkies before I'd see if anyone wanted one done Smile

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thats a good idea! count me in!

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That would be awesome Kristina, thanks for offering to do this. We have a few collages on our bb and it's always fun to see them grow over time.

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Sure! Sounds like a great idea! Thanks for offering to do this. Smile