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bottle to sippy cup

Right now Andrew gets 3 bottles a day--1 about an hour after breakfast, 1 about an hour after lunch, and 1 at bedtime. He loves his bottle! He gets so excited when he sees it. At meals, he gets water in a sippy cup and does really well with it. I need to start the transition to just sippy cups, no bottles. Today I started by giving him his afternoon bottle in a sippy cup with his lunch. It went really well. Tonight at bedtime, I tried the sippy cup and he was pissed--pushing it away and refusing it.

So my question is, when do you give milk during the day in a sippy cup? Do you give it with meals or later? I am wondering if I should just start giving milk with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and thats it. I just worry that he will be hungry if I don't give him milk at bedtime. Do you give milk at bedtime in a sippy cup? I know each kid is different but I am wondering what works for everyone else.

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I would recommend offering it with food, but water only whenever he wants it. I'd keep the bottle for sleep time for now. After he's been used to having milk in it at other times of the day, he might be more willing to take it for bed time/nap time, or skip it altogether.


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my daugther is allergic to milk, but she occasionally gets rice milk only at meals.... she gets water whenever and however much she wants throughout the day. I agree with the PP and i'd probably wait to get rid of the bottle right at bed. I still nurse O at bedtime, although we're starting to wean that one out and then we'll be done.....that one, the one at bedtime, seems to be the hardest to cut out.... good luck!!