Braxton Hicks?

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Braxton Hicks?

Are any of you having them on a regular basis yet? Or even at all? I know were all still early yet, but I've noticed the last two nights starting at 7pm I've been having them for a few hours. It's 10:15pm my time and their still going. I'm guessing it's b/c I'm so active during the day that when I sit down to rest, my uterus acts up for a bit. I don't remember it happening this early with my other pregnancies, except for my twin pregnancy - maybe I just have an onry uterus Lol

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I wouldn't say they come at a regular time of the day but I've been getting them every day already. I think I'm just doomed to pregnancy full of contractions, false or otherwise Lol I noticed them every day late last week and definitely noticed them throughout the weekend and yesterday. This is the earliest I've ever had them but I can't say it surprises me because they've come earlier and earlier with each pregnancy.

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I have had a couple here and there. I was weirded out when I had the first one. I thought the baby was balling up and then it spread over to my back and all over my stomach.

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Nope, never had them with DD either (that I knew of)

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Well, I am not sure if I was having some last night or not. I had an iced mocha (the biggest possible) about 5pm and it left me REALLY gassy. I found myself grabbing my lower belly and huffing and puffing and it would last a while, then as soon as I felt like I could let go of my belly, I'd toot. So, not sure if it was BH caused by the gas, or just gas. :roll: Sorry if TMI.

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I don't think I've had any yet.

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I've had some. I think I posted about it a week or two ago. I had some when we were packing up the other house and I was moving stuff that I probably shouldn't have been ;-). I've also had a few here and there when I've just been resting. Last night I was sitting on the couch watching TV and had an unmistakable one. They're pretty few and far between, but they're definitely happening. I have no idea how early they started with DD, because I didn't realize what they were until the very end of my pregnancy when my FIL (who's an OB) pointed to my belly and informed me that I was having a contraction... lol!

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I've had some. That was when I first noticed that I could actually see the bump.