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So I just had my first breakdown a bit ago. My friend from the army called and for some.reason I just lost it and started crying. I've been having contractions since last night and some.are.going to my back so I think its.all really sinking in. I'm thrilled he's gonna be here soon, but the more I think about how.rough its gonna be not having anyone here to help me at all is finally taking its toll on me. I'm honestly scared to death at this point. Never having a child before and now having one w/o help is scaring the crap out of me. I go to my 36 week appt in an hour so I'm going to see what the doc says. I'm worried about not getting to the hospital on time cause I have to wait for someone to come get me. I know I have a high pain tolerance so what if I wait to long. I know its normal fears but they are all coming to reality now.

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Sorry you're having such a rough time, Cheryl. I know I'm sort of in the same boat since DH is in the Navy and has been gone for most of this pregnancy, and will be leaving soon after the baby is born for several months. I will have to do most of the first 18 months of this kids life on my own, with no family near by to help like I had with my 2 oldest (who live with their dad, so I don't have them to help either!).

Just keep faith in yourself. You're a strong woman who is doing what is best for her son. You will get through it, and it will make you a better person!

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It has its scary moments no matter what your circumstances are. You will do great, although it might not always feel like it! Keep us posted on what the doctor says.

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Because you are on your own, you have that extra added worry. Do you have your plan in place to get to the hospital? Are your parents able to come and stay with you?

As for the pain tolerance, I think that it is a good thing you recognize it. I think you should plan to head in before you had originally planned just in case.

As for the pain and contractions. I hope they are nothing and just stress induced. Please get some rest and KUP!

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I'm so sorry you are going through this. I hope you keep that baby baking a little longer.

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Im sorry your feeling this way but you will do great!!!
(hugs) hope all goes well at your drs.

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Aww I am so sorry you are upset. Sad Having no help can be scary, but it's done all the time. You'll be able to do it. do you have a plan or an idea of who can take you to the hospital when labor starts?

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Hopefully my best friend can.come get me but I'm worried cause she doesn't follow directions well & may get lost getting here. I always go to her house cause she hates driving on the freeway. My neighbor next door knows so if there is an emergency I can go over there.

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I know those circumstances add extra worry. I'm sorry that you are dealing with this. When the time comes for you to raise this LO on your own, you will realize that you are a much stronger woman than you realized. Big hugs!

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HUGS... I'm sorry you are so stressed. When baby is here, you will find the strength to do it... it will be there!

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Cheryl, I can't imagine the range of emotions you are going through right now. Know that your mommy instincts will kick in and you will KNOW exactly what to do. It's really strange and hard to explain. Know that even though distance separates us we are ALL here for you.

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so sorry you have to deal with this. hopefully the ctx calm down. hopefully friends and family will lend a hand, i'm sure someone will. keep good spirits. and keep us posted

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Thanks everyone for your kind words. I do know everything will work out. I think I was just having one of those emotional days where stuff gets to you. A good nights sleep and I.should be good tomorrow. Biggrin

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:bigarmhug: I hope you are feeling better today, if it helps I think you'll be a great mom, with or without help, and you'll figure out everything.