Breastfeeding Question

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Breastfeeding Question

I never breastfed my first son, so this is all new to me. Jackson is finally doing well with breastfeeding. I had a nurse come out to my house that was able to get him to latch by using a nipple shield. Before we were able to get him to latch, I had been pumping. I was making about 2oz every pump. Now that he is actually latching on, I can't seem to pump very much. Is this normal? How do I get my supply to increase? He seems to be getting plenty of breast milk when I put him on the breast, but pumping has become another issue. Please Help!!!

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Well I go by the 'more stimulation, more milk', rule for both breastfeeding and pumping. Now that he's eating what your body was making it makes sense that you are getting less when you are pumping. I keep pumping for a good 5 minutes after I stop getting milk in hopes that that will get more milk in the next few days. I was able to pump more this morning (4oz whereas the previous times it's been 2oz) so we'll see if it keeps up

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I would stabilize your relationship with nursing him for a couple of weeks before worrying about pumping (I'm assuming you just got the latching thing down recently) .... his eating habits could change due to a growth spurt very quickly.

After a couple of weeks, nurse him like normal, and then pump. If you don't have any issues, it will eventually be a supply and demand thing.

I wouldn't recommend starting any galactagogues yet, because your body will become reliant on them and you'd likely never be able to get off of them - but they would increase your production.

Good luck!

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I agree with the other ladies that it's supply and demand... but, I wouldn't stress about it now or worry about how much you get. Just get comfortable with the whole breastfeeding thing. Make sure you are drinking a ton of water each day and getting good sleep... lack of either of those things can decrease production.