BTDTs, finish this sentence: "I couldn't live without my..."

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BTDTs, finish this sentence: "I couldn't live without my..."

Just for fun and to help out our new mamas (and make sure I'm not missing out on something great!), what is the one thing you couldn't have lived without during the newborn stage? Add a link to the item if you can!

I couldn't have lived without my Aden and Anais swaddling blankets. They are the perfect weight, so soft and use-able for everything! They are nice and big so we used them for swaddling, nursing cover when I couldn't find the other one, car seat shade - I don't think I have a picture of DS for the first 4 months without one in the picture somehow! When DS was born they didn't have nearly the prints selection they have now:

Ok...your turn! What couldn't you live without??

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With Brandon, we couldn't have lived without our swaddlers, in particular, the miracle blanket. Brandon was a baby that loved and needed to be swaddled.

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My nursing pillow the cluster feeding at the beginning makes you feel like you are feeding 24/7. It helped with the arms (and DH used it to hold DD as well).

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I couldn't live without my moby wrap/Ergo (when she was bigger). So nice to have both hands free, and nothing more adorable than Daddy wearing baby!


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Our Playtex drop-in liner bottles. I am not able to BF and it was a huge relief to not be scrubbing out bottles constantly. You do have to wash the nipples but that is the quicker part. We kept all of our bottles for each day lined up and pre-set with liners and filtered water. Then we had little containers that had pre measured formula powder in each one. All you had to do was pour and stir. This was a great relief when you are half asleep and need to get a bottle ready quickly for a screaming little one.

I, personally, HATED the cans of premade formula. Once the can is opened it has to be refridgerated. Nothing was worse to me then trying to soothe a screaming, hungry baby in one arm while trying to warm cold formula with the other. Especially when you are only half awake. I know that they have the individual bottles of premade formula but those were more expensive than we could afford.

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The vibrating bouncer. I remember sitting on the couch with the bouncer on the floor and dd init. I would bounce it with my foot while it vibrated and she slept great in it. I used it so much I had to trash it when dd was too big.

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The Swing and soothers. My daughter loved her swing and if it weren't for soothers she would have been on the breast all day long.

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Boppy and Bjorn carrier!

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Good one on the swaddle blanket, I love those!!

I would say I couldn't live with out GOOD breast pads!

When I first started BF'ing with DS1 I used the cheapo crappy ones or the "reuseable" ones but they always leaked, I love the one's made by Johnson's and Lansinoh.

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I'd have to say a baby carrier and nipple cream.

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Love to hear good stuff about the aden and anais blankets. This is the first baby I've gotten them for, I only have 4 right now but if I really like them I might buy more. I really wanted to try the miracle blanket too but we'll see how baby likes to be swaddled. None of my other kids really did so if he doesn't I don't want to splurge on the miracle blanket.

I don't think I could pick just one thing. I did *love* my 'moby' (5 yards of fabric Lol I did buy an actual moby this time around though). I also loved our bouncer and the burp rags. Oh and I too love the Lansinoh nursing pads, so absorbant, thin and comfortable!

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a bouncy chair, i would put sky in it and move it all around the house with me , when i was showering id bring it in and put it in the bathroom so i knew he was ok!!!

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and glider/rocker! (still use that thing every night)

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My swaddle wraps and the boppy. Oh and paci...both kids were addicts Smile Both my girls still use their boppy pillows when watching TV.

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Totally agree on the paci and the johnson's nursing pads. DD was a sucking fiend so the paci saved my sanity and the johnson's pads were the best I had found.

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My nursing tank tops!! and my sleepywrap. My ds lived in the sleepy wrap most days for everything from cleaning the house to going to the store, and I'm planning on the same for dd. it kept people from touching him and i didn't have to lug the stroller with me at all times!

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Boppy! I don't know how I would have survived those first weeks without a nursing pillow! Especially after having a c-section... it was a life saver!

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Definitely the nursing pillow - even if you're not nursing, we also used it to prop DD up and it helped a lot with tummy time too.

For me, the sling was the best thing. DD was a very needy baby, she had to be attached to me at all times or she'd cry, so the only way I could do anything was to wear her. I wore her while I vacuumed, shopped, ate, everything.

Also for me, a breast pump. I had a HUGE supply for the first few months, so I took advantage and pumped as much as possible so I was able to build up a great stash for my freezer - that came in really handy once she was 6 months or so and my supply dropped off and I was working a lot more so needed more bottles.

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My husband the MASTER of swaddling. no joke, the nurses at the hospital are impressed with his swaddling skills. he's a pro

Also, our babies were small so we had to supplement with neosure, so the bottle warmer was a god send.

The boppy with all kids was a must have.

an of course, paci's.