BTDT's: Similarities??

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BTDT's: Similarities??

So this is a question for the BTDT's. Do you have any similarities this pregnancy that you can relate to a previous pregnancy? If you've found out what you're having, did the similarities and the results match up? Example, same high/low heartbeat and it was a boy/girl. Cravings, aversions etc.

Here's mine for this pregnancy:

~ I eat very little and get full quick.
~ LOST weight so far and I'm almost half way.
~ tired alot
~ extreme mood swings at times
~ really sensitive to things
~ baby's heartbeat is 150 and up so far
~ have NO interest in the things I love to eat - ice cream, pie etc. Either I don't eat any, or I eat very little and pass the rest off to hubby or someone else.
~ I'm either too hot or too cold at any given moment. All you gotta do sometimes and snap and I'm one or the other *annoying actually!*
~ not many cravings at the moment, and what I do crave, I don't eat much of so I don't really count it lol.

I think there's more, but these things are things that were the exact same when I was pregnant with Heather and Hailey. With my boys, I ate like a pig, gained a ton of weight, heartbeats were just under 150 usually, I think highest they got was 152 if I remember correctly but usually in the 140 range, and i didn't have the hot/cold flashes.

For me, both my pregnancies for the boys were the exact same. Tired, m/s, gained weight and ate like a pig. That was my only things - no sore boobs, etc. With the girls, I had everything above and then some (both girls were the same, but WAYYYYYY different than the boys) - sore boobs, sore back, round ligament pain, hot/cold flashes - you get the idea. Anything you could feel during pregnancy especially the beginning, I had. I also had an extreme craving with Heather for tomato juice/cherry tomatoes, Hailey not many, if any cravings of things I always had to have. This one I have the occasional sore boobs/nipples, definate rl pain, etc. I'm leaning towards a girl but won't know till end of May for sure what the little bean is.

So for everyone else, what's your similarities and did they follow through with being exactly what the previous baby was?

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Similarities would be:

1. I tend to carry low
2. I get REALLY sick (although it was worse this time)
3. Both babies have had high heart rates (over 150) although my first is a girl and this one is a boy
4. I start feeling movement very early (between 11 and 13 weeks)
5. Italian food has given me terrible heartburn in both pregnancies (bummer, since it's my favorite)
6. Both times I wanted nothing to do with chocolate in the first trimester (really unusual for me!)

So far my pregnancies have been very similar (with the exception of the morning sickness being significantly worse this time... and it was bad the first time!). Nothing has really matched up as far as being able to tell boy/girl from the symptoms. My first is a girl and now we're expecting a boy, but things have been pretty much the same.

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I won't know till middle of May what this LO is but I can assure you this pregnancy is 100% different than with my boys. I've been sicker, more tired, I stay HOT, I hurt all the time and I just in general feel DRAINED.... Plus I have acne. Guess I can say if differences in pregnancys really do mean different gender here in a couple weeks, lol!

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Acne! I forgot about that, I had occasional pimples with the girls and again get the occasional pimple. Had none of that with the boys.

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There aren't many similarities but I can think of a few:
1. First trimester spotting
2. First trimester fatigue
3. Loss of appetite for meat.
4. Acne
5. Weight gain is about the same.

This pg has been very different from my first. With Brandon I didn't really get uncomfortable until later in the pg. This time I've been super sick and achy. Brandon's hb was usually in the 140s. This pg, hb has been in the high 140s and 150s. My cravings are different. I've felt a lot more movement this time. There is very little this time that is the same. I'm still thinking this one is a boy though, in spite of the differences. I won't know until next Friday but the wait is almost over.

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With my boys:

DS1 - Total and complete exhaustion for the first trimester. I slept 12 hours each night (that meant I went to bed at 7pm!) and could barely keep my eyes open through the day.
DS2 - No exhaustion, first trimester was very easy!
This one: I'm tired, alot, but not the all-encompassing exhaustion of my first. Much more like my 2nd.

DS1 & 2 - Terrible food aversions, and filling up very fast when I did manage to eat. Terrible 2nd trimester nausea and puking. VERY sensitive reactions to smells (including puking) and texture (especially with food).
This one: I can eat ANYTHING! I have a few food aversions, and some smell sensitivity that has caused puking, but no nausea.

DS1 & 2 - 2nd trimester was super easy. No RLP, no aches, no pains, lots of energy and pretty easy aside from the reactions to food and smells.
This one: I hurt, all over, all the time. Sleeping sucks. I can't get comfortable, like ever. I feel like i'm 38 weeks, instead of 18 weeks.

DS 1 & 2 - Skin looked great!
This one: Breakouts, SUPER dry skin on my face, blotchy spots... I look terrible Sad I'm even starting to break out on my chest! Its bad.

DS1 & 2 - Heartburn.... lots and lots of heartburn the entire pregnancy. And yes, they were both born with full heads of hair.
This one: I had some mild heartburn early in the pregnancy, but even super spicy, salty, or Italian food doesn't do a thing to me. I keep joking with DH that our baby will be bald forever!

Weight loss on all 3 pregnancies, though this one has been much faster than my other two. This was expected, though, due to being extra fluffy to begin with.

I don't remember the HB's on my boys :confused: It was way too long ago and numbers like that have been crowded out of my head.

I find out tomorrow what I'm having!!!

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Nothing really cut and dry between my girls and boys. I guess I had NO sex drive with my first two and with my DS and this baby definitely have one Lol My cravings have been pretty much the same with all of my pregnancies, though I have craved meats more with my boys and with DS1 I could *not* eat such 'problem' with this baby Wink Heartrates have all been high, my first son was lower than the other 3, this one has been about what my girls were. With my son I felt like I looked great, with this baby and my girls I feel really blah and gross. My skin didn't break out with either boy, but it definitely did with my girls. I carried my first very low and think this one will be pretty low (at least he likes to hang out low) whereas my first son was very high and I am pretty sure my second daughter was pretty high too.
Honestly, I was pretty convinced this one was a girl before the ultrasound, but seeing the ultrasound for myself I have no doubts that he is definitely a he.

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1. Morning sickness I've had it with all 3. With my m/c it didn't start until 6 weeks but I don't know if that means anything. With my 1st and 3rd, I started getting motion sick before I got a BFP and full out nausea started a few days after my BFP. 1st I felt like death all day and could sleep at night. This time I only had real nausea issues between 6pm and 11 am which made it hard to sleep but I was ok for most of the day. With my 1st it lasted until 8 months but this time it feels like it is winding down.

2. Food Aversions The 1st I didn't eat any sweets because they made me sick. Most food made med sick. I think I lived on crackers, peanuts, peanut butter and orange juice for the first 5 months. This time I've been eating normal except for veggies and chocolate is like and addiction .

3. Baby's Heart Rate 1st 160s 3rd 140s

4. First Tri Bleeding Different reasons but still on low activity for the first tr for 1st and 3rd. Ironically I didn't have any with my m/c.

5. Fatigue way worse with the 1st but I don't know if I really felt worse with the first or I was able to relax more because I didn't have a 2 year old. I know I worked 3 days a week with 1 from weeks 5-16. I didn't miss any work this time.

6. Blood pressue With my 1st it was really low weeks 9-34 (80/50) and I had lots of dizzy issues related to that. This time it has stayed normal.

7. Weight gain Almost the same except this time I'm eating horribly and last time I barely ate. I hope the weight loss is the same because I gained 54 lbs last time but losing it was easy.

8. Belly I get a belly early on. I don't know how to describe how I carry other than my belly starts protruding from my pelvic bone and is still pushed out at my rib cage.

9. Hot I was so hot with my 1st that I slept all winter with a sheet on while DH had 2-3 blankets on. This time I feel normal.

10. boob pain none the first but I notice them this time.

I thought boy this time but I'm having another girl.

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Oh almost forgot about fatigue and morning sickness (oh how quickly I forget Lol )
I have been very tired with all of them. Luckily it wasn't as bad this time around, I was definitely tired but with especially my DD1 and DS1 I could barely keep my eyes open, in fact with my DS I remember falling asleep during the day without even realizing it! Morning sickness has gotten worse with each pregnancy. None with my first, just a tiny bit of an uneasy stomach with my 2nd, feeling nauseous the entire first trimester with my 3rd and with this one full out morning/evening sickness until a week or two past the first trimester, not as bad as some women get but I can't imagine how I would have functioned if it were worse with 3 kids ages 6 and under to take care of mostly on my own. So I guess it works out that I didn't have it with my girls and did with my boys but I noticed some other moms on the large families board say it got worse with each pregnancy, boys and I have a feeling that's just how I am. My midwife mentioned being older might be another reason it got worse each time. I had my girls close together and then my 3rd was 5 years after my 1st and this one is about 7 years after my while I'm still in my 20s...I guess those 5-7 years might make quite the difference for my body.

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Lost weight
carry fairly high
overall feeling pretty good

Differences (this time):

heart burn
tummy upset
lack of sore boobs
ore tired (but I think that is because of DD)