Cabin Fever???

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Cabin Fever???

So, tomorrow is Thalias actual due date (also my birthday) the dr said definitely no malls for her or anywhere shell have contact w ppl but I was wondering about parks, I meant to ask but forgot to at her last appt. We have two huge (over 100 acre) parks right by us and I really want to take her out. Today the weather happens to be pretty good (80's no rain) so I don't know of it's just too soon to chance it. I know she's definitely over 5 pounds now. WWYD???

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I take Vanessa out but I don't want her to be touched by people or touch things out (like the shopping cart) and I always have the hand sanitizer. I do a preschool drop off/pick up for DD1 and I'm always nervous about that even though DD1 shouts at any approaching kids not to touch because their hands are dirty. We've been out lots just because it is impossible to stay in with an older child.

No one will touch her or be breathing on her so I think you are ok to take her outside.

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I would but ihave never had a premeeie. If someone tries o get close, you may have to be very protective.

I really think it is important for you to get out!

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My personal rules for going out with a newborn in general are:

1) they must be either in a covered carrier OR in some sort of baby carrier attached to a parent

2) NO ONE touches them

3) OUtside has to be a decent temp. I think 80s is reasonable.

I dont see why going outside would be a problem. Probably wouldnt go laying her on a blanket on the ground or anything, but going for a walk? Dont see the issue with that.


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We tell our preemie parents no contact with groups of people, but we actually encourage them to get out and about. Staying home can do more harm than good to some new mums, makes them crazy! Sounds like the weather is nice, dress her appropriately, shield her from the sun, and enjoy yourself!

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I agree- I think the park is a good idea if the weather is nice and you don't let anyone touch her. Hope you enjoy getting out!

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I would say a walk is totally fine! Just keep her covered and away from crazy ladies who try to touch them LOL I've been out with Reagan almost every day and i just keep her in my zolo sling so i can gurantee no one gets close Wink

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Thanks ladies! We went out for a short while, sat by the lake and talked, there were absolutely no people around to want to get close. We had a few joggers, dog walkers, and older people walking hand in hand, some who looked attently our way but no one actually walked up to us. It was nice. Thalia slept the entire time but it was good for her (and me) to get out into the open air.

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We don't waste time when it comes to getting out of the house. I just keep baby in a carrier to keep people from being too touchy. I've never had a preemie so I don't know if there are special rules. But it is important for your sake to get out of the house. Sounds like you should be ok