Can't remember..

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Can't remember..

When do fundal height measurements start at OB visits? I can't remember when my doctor started measuring my belly with my girls. I haven't had any of those measurements yet, so I wasn't sure..

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Yesterday at my appt. the doctor measured my fundal height. I don't remember them doing it so early on but he did and it was measuring right on track at 16 weeks. He didn't use the tape measure like they usually do, he just found the top and said "ok, you're measuring right around 16 weeks."

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Mine usually started after my 1st appt after my 20 wk scan, so around 24 wks.

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My doctor measured mine on March 22, I was 16 weeks

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My midwife did mine today for the first time. I'm 20 weeks. I don't remember when my OB started doing it with DD. Somewhere between 16 and 20 weeks.

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It's always been after 20 weeks. Though like Lenora, at my last two they've found the top of my uterus to see how it was 'measuring' but not with the tape measure.

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My doctor started measuring my belly at 10 weeks, but she never did it that early during my 1st pregnancy so I was surprised she is doing it so early now. I don't question, I just let her do her thing. LOL!

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I think somewhere around 20 weeks. My dr. didn't measure at my appt. today.