Car Troubles

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Car Troubles

I was wondering if anyone has been through their babies screaming in the car. Chloe does not like riding in the car at all, especially at night. We can't figure out what to do to help, everything we try does not work, does any one have any ideas or will it hopefully just pass over.

I know most say they just fall asleep after screaming so much in the cat but she doesn't, we have been in the car for 45+ minutes before and she just screams the entire time.

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The only thing that has ever helped us with this phase is having one of the adults sick in the back seat right next to the baby and having a hand on the baby and talking to the baby and.... but that's not always available, especially if you are the only adult in the car.

I have a mirror that goes on the seat just acrossed from Evie so she can see herself, but it's not working as well as I would like. I need to put batteries back into it so that it can light up and play music again (I had it with DS#2 and the lights and music would calm him for a while). It's this one:

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We have trouble when there is stop and go traffic.

Some one at my mom's group had horrible times in the car until they switched from the infant sear to a convertible seat. It seems being more upright makes her daughter happier.

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[QUOTE=Danifo]We have trouble when there is stop and go traffic. QUOTE]

We are the same, they are fine until we hit stop and go...once we start up again they are fine. I find rocking the car seat helps but thats not always possible if you are the only one in the car.

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How old is baby? If she has pretty good head control, I would try switching to a convertible. It often helps - or you can just ride out the screaming.

Sometimes being a bit more upright helps, but sometimes it doesn't.

It helped for my 4 month old baby.

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We have two carseats, which one she sits upright more and the other she is more laying, but she doesn't like either. It also doesn't matter if someone is back there talking to her either, she still gets really mad. She is 3 months old, but her head control is pretty good.

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Markus can get really mad but I never let him get to the point of screaming.... otherwise they learn to hate carseat even more. Clara was the same way when she was a baby. I find it's all timing so I usually plan trips after a long nurse/naptime. If he freaks I quickly give him a couple of his vitamin d drops and a soother and that will make him happy for 5-10 minutes. This is the only time he'll take a soother so I can only do it a few times till he's hit the max. I also put the window down just a sliver so that it makes that windy noise... works great once you go over a 100km/hr.... he loves that... he also often sits in my bathroom in his bouncy with the hair dryer running on cool... loves the white noise. If none of this works than I'm nursing on the side of the road... doing that often as well!

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kesler hates the stop and go in the traffic (but hen we are moving he falls sleep